MSI’s Workstation, WE75 is made to carry heavy workload with Intel i7-9750H CPU and Quadro RTX 3000 GPU. This 17″ laptop is light but even capable of VR. I really appreciate the design of the laptop as it is really just made for the professionals.

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  1. Where can I view or download the 3d model you used in testing the machine I would like to use it as a test for my machine as well.

  2. If I have Adobe premiere, creo, inventor solid works and it able to handle all these softwares? I've tried gaming laptop and it hangs most of the time and the fan sound gets loud and it heats up. How is the cooling for this workstation?

  3. thanks for video. anything for poor Student around 500 dollars 🙁 ?

  4. Can a WE75 user describe the battery life as the website says it has only 51Whr battery, which is half of what Lenovo or HP workstation laptops have

  5. I want to eat your chubby face ?????

  6. Great review and video. Do you think this Laptop would suffice for Blender 2.8 and Octane Render? I use the two for modeling and rendering for concept art. Thank you.

  7. What do you think about surface laptop 3 15 inch?

  8. As a jewellery designer who uses rhino cad, would this be able to run as main workstation? I work on small scale objects I would like to render

  9. What is maximum memory you can install? My HP laptop workstation has 64gb and more memory is required for Revit BIM modeling.

  10. hello, thanks for the video, what's the difference between ws75 and we75 ?

  11. Need a help I'm a beginner in autodesk inventor would you recommend me to go for ThinkPad t590 corei5 8th gen
    8gb ram , 2gb mx250 graphic card

  12. Woooooow podrías pasar ese archivo skb.?

  13. Hello all,
    I am no computer expert but I managed to convince my boss to upgrade my computer at work.

    While I love this computer and the specs since we use enscape for renderings and vr presentations, does it come in a 15” size?
    Also, I see the graphic cards debate and I was wondering if this graphic card is good for rendering with enscape using revit.

    Finally, one of the main features we are looking for is a sleek design like this laptop since we go to soy of client presentations like you mentioned.
    Thank you for all your help !!!

  14. thank you for the video, so I'm an architecture student, and I'm looking for a new laptop that work with autocad and revit, also 3d modeling like sketchup 3dsmax .. my friend recommended this MSI WE75 laptop the one with Quadro card, so do you think it's suitable for architecture school ?

  15. Thank you so much

  16. what's the battery life like?

  17. Thanks for your video information is very helpful kindly suggest me a laptop for letest AutoCAD architectural software , solid, rendering, revit and graphic design work. now I am in Saudi Arabia budget up to $1100 +-

    Waiting for your reply.

    Thanks in advance

  18. Video is kinda bullshit. Aesthetics aren't really considered into work. Just turn off the back lights lmao.

  19. What do you think about the WS75 and the WS65 for Architecture? I’m looking for something to render with but something that I can carry with me. Im just not too sure if it’s work going for the 17”..

  20. Lumion Pro > Enscape … check it out!

  21. Is it provide high performance Gpu rendering ? such as redshift and octane in cinema 4D.

  22. another aspect to consider is that architectural presentation (Twinmotion, Lumion, Enscape) is drifting towards Real-time rendering, which gaming cards are better optimized to render as it is the gaming industry driving the higher performance.

  23. so the difference between a gaming or a workstation notebook is the aesthetics?… what is the real difference as to why I would buy a workstation at premium $ and esoteric drivers over a good looking gaming notebook…[eg aero 15)…

  24. I was thinking to buy Acer Concept D because of color perfection!

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