Hello everyone! Welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is all about my favorite apps on the iPad for productivity. I hope you guys enjoy this and find it helpful!

This video is not sponsored by anyone! 🙂

*Also, sorry for the weird knocking noise in some parts of the audio.

Applications mentioned:

– Microsoft To-Do
– Google Calendar
– Spectrum
– Microsoft Word
– Google Drive
– GoodNotes 5
– Notability
– Notebloc
– Noisli

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  1. I apologize for the weird knocking noises at some parts of the audio! Regardless, I hope you enjoyed this video. 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

  2. Love the background too. Anyone know how/where I can get this on my iPad?

  3. Damn, at first i thought this was only a mircosoft sponsor, but looks like a few different companies paid you

  4. Why do you use Goodnotes for lectures when you can record a lecture using Notability ?

  5. The scanner app?! Awesome. Very convenient.

  6. When nerds create a YouTube channel ???

  7. This was sooooo helpful. Thank you so much!

  8. Your handwriting on iPad is too good. I recently purchased the iPad and started using it for taking notes and my handwriting is horrible!

  9. This is really great! I am a med student and just got an ipad so I got a lot of help figuring out great apps to use!!

  10. Hi. Goodnotes :Notability is free or not

  11. I used OmniFocus as a to-do and personal organizer to get through university. It let me organize everything for school from the highest level to the most minute details for assignments. I now use it to organize my whole life.

  12. I get the impression you're an amazingly hard and smart worker. I'd definitely trust you as my nurse. Thanks so much for the thoughtful, concise, and helpful video!

  13. Your handwriting is insanely neat!

  14. Amazing software, "FocusMe". Full of features and intuitive design. Finally I have FocusMe as my personal coaching tool that overseas what I do with my time. I have been so much productive with it, it’s unbelievable. I think this tool should be installed in both Windows and Mac systems. A must have tool. Don’t know why I didn’t know about it earlier. Big thanks to FocusMe development company.

  15. Are there any to do or calendar apps that allow you to use Apple Pencil instead of typing?

  16. why am i watching this, i dont have an ipad lol. but i use the Study Bunny app on my android phone and i love it! helps me stay focused.

  17. So helpful! Thank you for this!

  18. What font did you use in your thumbnail?

  19. Enjoying the channel, thanks. Subscribed.

  20. Hi Janice, how do you fit Emma studies calendar on your screen on IPAD and Mac

  21. I love every single videos of yours?

  22. Can you review one note ?

  23. I’m watching on an iPad 2018 ❤️

  24. Wow I didnt know Microsoft had a to-do list app! I'm definitely gonna try it out, thanks!

  25. awesome video, janice!! i've been looking for more useful productivity apps for my ipad :))

  26. Thanks for sharing your Productivity apps, I love learning about the workflows and applications that others use to become more productive.

  27. Can I ask which pen size (mm) you use on Goodnotes 5? 😀 Your notes look absolutely stunning and I love everything about this video! ;____; <3

  28. Can anybody give me an idea for some nice presentation apps for ios 9?

  29. I can never find the right music or background noises to listen to while studying, I’ll definitely be trying Noisli! thanks!

  30. Nice video! But, what happened to OneNote? Thought you were loving it. 🙂

  31. Glad to have another student using Microsoft ToDo? I can't live without it

  32. How come your time on ipad didn’t run and keep at 9:41 ?

  33. You should give credit to ali .. just saying

  34. Try Med scape as a alternative to spectrum

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