Today I wanted to show you my new setup which is constructed by my iPad Pro with iPadOS. Which allows the setup to also have mouse support which is absolutely awesome. Amazing for students, creatives to edit video and more! What are your thoughts on this setup? Would you use it?

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Smart Keyboard:
Wireless Mouse:
Alien Funko Pop:
Aukey Light:…

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  1. Could you teach me ? Why my 2018 iPad Pro can’t use HDMI to match with projector and smart TV ?

  2. I’m saving up money for that iPad Pro ?

  3. Hello there.
    Question about The set up. The Bluetooth keyboard works when you have the assistivetouch on for the mouse?
    Having this problem with diferents keyboards. The keys are all messed up…K mouve the mouse cursor down for exemple. And if i turn assistivetouch off works fine…but cant use the mouse.
    Any Help for this problem?

  4. Waiting for the keyboard, mouse, stand and hub I bought to have an IPad Desktop setup!

  5. Name of the game at 3:45 please ?

  6. This dude looks like how he sounds lol

  7. This is a setup I need!

  8. YET ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR CLICKBAIT VIDEOS. The thumbnail is photoshopped to make it look like it projects the iPad in full resolution. GET OFF YOUTUBE KID. YOUR VIDEOS ARE WORTHLESS

  9. Thats my mouse LOL

  10. Hi ??????????????????????

  11. If it has support of full bash, zsh shell, so we can install packages with homebrew, I see a lot of developers would start using them.

  12. This guy looks like the onceler.

  13. audio sucks balls dude!

  14. I connected my magic track to my iPad Pro 12.9 2018

  15. Is there much delay?

  16. Hello,

    For the 11.0 iPad Pro, if you connect it to a 1440p display, what is the mirrored resolution on the display?


  17. Cut the booming bass music ..

  18. You can do this with your phone too if you use the lightening to hdmi adapter. Just enable the assistive touch and you can use it with the mouse to go home, switch apps, capture screenshots etc. Personally I connect my Apple TV 3rd generation and mirror the screen.

  19. You can tell this prick knows nothing about anything
    Hes literally sernandoe

  20. I wish I had your energy. Good video

  21. This video’s idea is unique. I can feel your hard work, I love it. Keep up the work, man!

  22. Yeah……..but it can’t actually play 4K videos!

  23. He looks 16 and 60 combined

  24. Misleading thumbnail

  25. I don’t have a monitor but I have a Samsung tv can I HDMI with a cable to iPad Pro 11 and then use Apple TV to mirror could that work

  26. you look tired

  27. bakchodi kam batiya be

  28. Dude thanks for idea. I have iPad 6 gen. Which I browse videos and use my iPod touch 3rd gen download podcast and use iPhone 8 download podcast as back up. Then picked up iPad min 2 gen. It all works. I use swipe features.

  29. What’s the name of the “fluffy green thing” game?

  30. Called Apple support they just said Magic Mouse and trackpad dose not support iPad os

    I was like ?

    Apple produce not working with Apple products

  31. what a waste video

  32. what stand is that ipad on?

  33. Or you use android phone run Windows 10 remotely which works really well with keyboard and mouse and connect your phone any monitor XD

  34. Is better to use a iPhone for this

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