iPad Pro (2018) 11-inch – Review of 4K Editing Workflow! Between the 11-inch vs 12-inch, can the new iPad Pro (2018) edit 4K video? Here’s a review of my iPad Pro video editing experience! iPad Pro vs MacBook? This comparison is closer than ever! Here’s My iPad Pro 4K Video Editing Workflow!


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  1. What app are you using ?

  2. Great video. Might get an iPad Pro to hold me over until MacBook Pros become great again. I heard that’s real soon.

  3. would a 256gb be enough storage ?

  4. Don’t go with iMovie

  5. This is awesome. Im transition from using my phone with power director to using my iPad to make my videos and this helps a lot. Thank you so much!

  6. How much is the ram ?

  7. Is luma fusion free on ipad pro ?????

  8. Love my iPad! I use it constantly for drawing tattoo designs for my clients. Best investment I’ve made for sure

  9. I want to edit like Bill Wurtz but i don’t have a PC etc so any editing apps that can do those things on mobile devices?

  10. can i put .MTS file on ipad ?

  11. Do I need a computer for the iPad Pro when it goes disable for no reason?. That is all I am worried about actually

  12. Does anyone know if the normal iPad 2019 with processor 10 is strong enough to edit 4K footage?

  13. What app would you recommend to import video recorded from an phone

  14. Right so one of the main reasons I got my iPad was to do this and edit from it but I’m finding that every time I change the clip or trim it or alter it I have to wait up to a minute for it to ‘catch up’ with what I’m doing. when I go to click play nothing happens it’s just kind of frozen and often rush can be quite unresponsive for me depending on what sort of video I’m editing. does anyone know any fixings for this I’m using footage filmed from the iPad

  15. please create a tutorial video for beginner

  16. What app did you used to edit

  17. Is 256 gb enough or is the 512gb required

  18. Is luma fusion available on Apple store for free?
    Or does it cost?
    Please help

  19. I subscribed when I saw the Darth Vader neon and Stormtrooper Helmet. Nice video man, love the iPad Pro for video editing and thanks for the info.

  20. For some reason when I try to connect my a6300 like you have suggested, there are no videos shown in the import section in gallery (import dialogue won’t pop up automatically). Any ideas on why this happens and how to fix it?

  21. No, it won’t be so super simple as using an usb – c to card reader adapter in order to copy your video file from a camera. As long as this file is larger than 4.3 Gb, it will never be read on the ipad. I learned this the hard way, after I bought the Ipad and realized, after one of my recital, that I can copy the video file I recorded with my Sony A6300 but after it was complete, I could never playback the video. Any work arounds? Pls don’t mention anything about format, as the sony a6300 won’t accept any Apple proprietary formats obviously.

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