Let’s talk about my iPad Pro des setup. I’ve worked really hard on this setup to get it to way I want it.

## Links

### Videos:
* [Brydge Keyboard Review](

### Hardware:
* [CalDigit USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 Hub](
* [LG 4K Monitor](
* [Monitor Stand](
* [Logitech MX Master Mouse…

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  1. I put links to everything in th description. What do you think about this setup, anything I should add?

  2. I don't get it. Will all that money spent just get a MacBook pro.

  3. It's "pretty" but it's not functional for people who actually use their devices in a productive way and oh yeah it's an apple device so it's shit anyways.
    You just cannot keep up with someone using an actual computer. A Surface running dual monitors is the true "mobile killer" desktop because it's an actual computer and is also the ultimate portable.

    This is form over function trying to be the cool kid and in reality you're a moron.

  4. I'd check out the HEIL PR-40 Microphone. SUPER CLEAN, and XLR too. I use it on my podcast too.

  5. Mic Suggestions: Get an SM7 or an RE20 if you want a radio podcast sound, or a large diaphragm condenser would be a good all around option. Audio Technica or Blue make some good ones. Just don't fall for the USB mic gimmicks.

  6. Anyone know if there’s such a thing as an all-in-one hub, compatible with ipad, that combines all the ports of the Cal Digital in this film with a hard drive? I like the idea of only having one ‘block’ on my desk…??

  7. So a tablet,
    and ……….

    All for the price of …..
    A real good laptop,
    A really good desktop.

    With the only advantage of being portable.
    Except for all the fiddly crap you need to tote around on loose.

  8. No more from CalDigit. My TS2 is buggy, works, works not, works, works not …. LAN 100 Mbit, sometimes 1GBit … And – No support

  9. Is it possible to code on the Ipad Pro?

  10. can you extend the the ipad on the monitor, for example have one thing open on the monitor and another on the ipad?

  11. Honesty. Refreshing. You didn't strip this rig down, to make it beyond clean. This setup shows capabilities! And you point out limitations, instead of boasting about the "perfect solutions" – that you've selected. Looks a bit like my setup, but with much better cable mgt. I need to get stuff done, not brag about minimalism. Nicely done.

  12. That's a nice setup!

  13. Its still works only in mirror mode and has no monitors native resolution support. So it is useless

  14. Hey, can you recommend good NC Bluetooth headphones up to 350 USD?

  15. We need monitor support for iPadOS ASAP!!!!!

  16. So why do use an Ipad and not a Macbook?

  17. What company makes that brown mouse/keyboard pad you're using? Please reply!!

  18. So do we just ignore the fact, that his guitar is standing ON THE DAMN FLOOR?

  19. Nfc sticker with shortcuts. That just blew my mind 🙂

  20. Nice video! A tip tray no to use warp stabilizer to much, it makes the footage looks distorted.

  21. Narration popping so bad… So hard to listen to…

  22. When it comes to the Ethernet Point, you might want to look into a Powerline Adapter

  23. THE IPOD IS LITERALLY BLOCKING PART OF YOUR MONITOR, I'm cringing too hard, please fix that

  24. Can you make lightweight setup tut for streaming ytb fb or podcasts? So I can setup anyway just bringing iPad ,camera, mic and laptop something like that. It will be awesome ?

  25. If you want a neat clean setup, a gay guy gives the best advice.

  26. That’s a beautiful desk—very well made

  27. Effective and smart use of the iPad.

  28. Clicked to make sure the title was correct.
    When did you start collecting human beings?

  29. Love the setup..just need replace that epiphone guitar with a real Gibson melody maker and you’re all set!

  30. Can the iPad Pro keep up with the 4k display?

  31. Color accuracy is much more important than resolution, especially with monitor this size IMO. There are 1440p monitors at this size and price that do 99% adobe color gamut, and unless you sit 10 inches away from the monitor you wont notice the decrease in pixel density.

  32. Cant respect reviews when everything has been given free for the review. Not saying this guy is biased because of that himself, but it opens the door.

    I only consider reviews where someone has had to work to make the money, then spend that money on a product. They have a dog in the fight and are more likely to be non biased.

    A sponsored review is worth nothing IMO…

  33. Interesting. But I'm still unconvinced about the iPad Pro w/ KB vs  MacBook Air – and would certainly love to see a cost comparison b/w the two (Esp since the iPad KB has no trackpad). Would also love to see a full visual workflow of the OS and Apps, esp as the nervous system of the setup.

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