Episode 7 of “My Laptop Setup” – Web Developers

Egeman: XPS15 –
Inateck Sleeve –
R.A.T.3 Mouse –
Steelseries Mouse Pad –
Sennheiser Urbanite XL –
JBL Go –
Skateboard –
Pack –

Xing: G502 Mouse –
OPolar Cooler –
Pebble Time -…

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  1. Laptop for webmonkeys, not developers.

  2. Update please

  3. Specs do matter if you want to run the server locally

  4. we're waiting for 2019 edition !

  5. Still waiting for Part 8 🙁
    Such a cool series

  6. Ideas:
    – Enterprenurs
    – Animators
    – Youtubers

  7. Sir suggest me laptop for web developer in 2019.

  8. "They will be future episodes" really?! It's been more than 2 years Dave! Look at the views we really like them. Especially the Developer one!

  9. Going back through and watching these – please reboot this series!

  10. Whats better? Atom or Sublime Text?

  11. What happened to this series. Were the prices announced?

  12. Great series, wish to see similar thing again

  13. Hey! I am in college doing bca and I need to buy a laptop
    So can u check the laptop in the link and tell whether it is good for software engineering or not
    Please reply
    Apple MacBook Pro Core i5 7th Gen – (8 GB/128 GB SSD/Mac OS Sierra) MPXR2HN/A

  14. You look like my friend.

  15. Dave, I really miss this series ?

  16. You shoyldn continue this with students’ gear. Interior, industrial, visual communication (graphic) design ec

  17. Can you do one for data scientist.

  18. Architect's setup please

  19. Love the Dell XPS. #linux ?

  20. can I run Windows 10 on MacBook Pro 13inch for developer use because I started learning developing with DevOps can any one help me ….?

  21. make a video for Android Developers

  22. So he uses Microsoft Edge for testing? Why 😀

  23. 32 gigs of ram and an i5, wtf?!

  24. Planning another of these again?

  25. These guys couldn't even be bothered to give their laptops/phones a wipe down before uploading pictures of them to the internet. Seriously, some of those are nasty… Keep your shit clean people.

  26. Really first guy a penny board as part of your setup, did you think this would make you look cooler smh what a total fucknut

  27. what the hell u need 32 gb of ram for?? Especially for a laptop

  28. You need to reboot this series, definitely. I need some ideas for laptop setup, and maybe in future I will send you mine ?

  29. Best programming setup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SC7lLm6QAb8 (That is not me and I am not advertising him or anything) His setup it at 0:03
    If you want to see what he has: https://devoncrawford.io/gear

  30. To be a web developer All you need is coding skills nothing more than that …. You don't need a 2lac rs of laptop ?????

  31. The first guy bought a "web developer starter kit deluxe" that includes a skateboard. He's getting JavaScript framework logo stickers to put on his laptop for his next birthday.

  32. You only need 2gb ram for web developing so all these guys are overkilling

  33. Web developer and running windows…omg!! Even a mac would be better choice.

  34. brackground images in computer behind you which is beautiful, can you send it to me ?

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