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The Most Advanced Headphones? Bose VS Sony! -…

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  1. if u say sony is the best sound bro you cant hear anything im sorry

  2. Love my 950bt. Best headphones I've ever owned. Best controls of any other Bluetooth headphones out as well. Sony is killing it!

  3. You and Marques need to collab more often!!! Love your vibeos

  4. I just can't fathom spending 200 to 300 $ on 1 pair of headphones. I'm afraid I won't get my $'s worth. If I pay that much money for 1 pair of headphones, they better last for at least 5 years.

  5. u didn't make any top 5 favorite Bluetooth headphone 3.0

  6. Gotta be dumb to get those beats b

  7. My wireless crushers will beat them all.. Sorry to say.. But ive been into these every single heaphones shown in tbis video.

  8. I love bass so I've always been a sony guy cause they're all about that plus Sony at the moment has the best app on the market to adjust settings I love my Bose as well but man does their app suck

  9. So your saying that the bowers and Wilkins px are not loud enough out of the box it sounds low and got to break them in ?‍♀️

  10. Are any of them over ear?

  11. who else comes back to this channel every christmas for ideas

  12. anyone ever told you have a favourable bias towards sony line of headphones? you recommended the sony headphone for its bass heavy features. yet in an earlier review where you put the sony against the skullcandy crusher you downvoted the skull candy for the same bass heavy feature you just seem to praised now.

  13. SONY MDXR are the most uncomfortable headphones, you clearly havnt used them that much. Stop giving false reviews "most comfortable"

  14. The skullcandy crusher line up is better than sony xb950n1

  15. Sony-fy your life!

  16. The indoor thermometer and humidity gauge is necessary for your household.

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  17. A review for focal listen?

  18. Active noise reduction is not for me who likes reference music. The question is why should everyone remove all the fine details,Those good headphones do not need Active noise reduction,OR ???

  19. Should I buy the Marley positive vibration 2? What you think?

  20. Awesome, I just got some as well

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  22. "They sound great" lmfao u dont know much about sound for someone that reviewing headphones haha

  23. Omg ? I love your zoids ?

  24. My favorite ones are thw wh1000xm3
    Really don't know how I manage to memorize this name??

  25. You’ve been a fan of those Sony cans for a hot minute now. ?

  26. You said headphone why your number 1 pick is Earpiece

  27. you have the most satisfying voice i have ever heard

  28. How many headphones do you own dude send one to me?

  29. I feel like youtubers should start labeling these videos like top 5 headphones you cant afford

  30. Sponsored video cause you have not included mx50 bt

  31. 950n1 … they break really fast! i did like the sound tho.

  32. Bravo, Nice video quality and presentation

  33. shut the fuck up about game shit fuck head

  34. I have both headphones, the Sony 1000mx3 and the B&W PX.

    However, I intend to say that B&W has a
    more intense bass, and Sony has a more BOOOMMM bass! Did I make myself understand?
    After listening a techno music at high volume,
    the results in my head were different:
    With the Sony 1000mx3 I kept my head vibrating.
    With the B&W PX I got my head to echo inside!
    The B&W PX bass comes in inside the head,
    and the Sony 1000mx3 vibrates the outside of the head.
    Different results for different tastes.

    I prefer the Bass of the B&W PX, more real and penetrating, like a punch in the head.
    Sony sounds a little artificial (comparing with the B&W PX)

    In addition, the B&W PX volume is higher.
    When it reaches the volume limit on the Sony 1000mx3, the B&W still has another 20% to add.

    Without a doubt, the sound of the B&W PX is superior, more defined and more elegant.

    I say this without any tendency, because I bought both.

    Do not forget the following:
    B&W is a company dedicated exclusively to sound, equipping high-end cars like Ferrari, BMW's etc.
    Sony produces a wide variety of things, from mobile phones to microwaves. B&W is a lady of sound
    quality, because she dedicates himself exclusively to this.

    With regard to comfort, the Sony 1000mx3 are more comfortable, nor giving almost by the presence of them in the head. ???
    However, while the B&W PXs are less comfortable, the ears stay free inside the earpiece, being cooler and not causing perspiration.

    The Sony 1000mx3 ears do not have space inside the headphones, and make them perspire on hotter days.
    Unsustainable in summer days, much less to walk down the street on sunny days. ?

    The quality of construction is top notch in the B&W PX. All in aluminum, and genuine leather. It costs € 400 in Europe but
    pays for the elegance and quality of construction. ?

    The Sony 1000mx3 is all in plastic and synthetic skin. In Europe costs € 380, but it seems that we are buying plastic.?
    However the Sony are lighter and therefore more comfortable. ?

    The Sony 1000mx3 has a perfect noise cancellation, it looks like you put your head inside a vacuum chamber. Perfect!
    The B&W PX though reasonable in noise cancellation, but are far from the Sony 1000mx3.

    Android/ Apple APPLICATION:
    With respect to the Android application to control the headphones, the Sony is perfect, as well as the indicator sounds in your own language.
    The B&W PX are just beeps. ???
    The B&W PX application only serves to control the level of noise reduction (which is best to keep it OFF), and to control the system to pause the music when you remove the B&W PX from your ears (which works at 80%). The app for B&W PX is terribly basic ???

    Comparing these headphones to a women, I would say:
    That the Sony are that kind of woman, very
    devoted to home and children, but a little less beautiful and more chubby.
    The B&W PX is that a elegant woman, very pretty, but untidy woman at home.

    So, if you prefer the ugly and dedicated woman at home, you will always look at the beautiful woman.
    If you prefer the elegant and beautiful woman, you go and wash your dishes at home. You choose. ???

    I prefer the B&W PX,
    although I know it does not have all those features that would do it great.

    I'm more of a fan of B&W PX's aesthetic and sound elegance.
    If you choose B&W PX you will make a good choice, but sacrificing some aspects of the Sony 1000mx3 that would make music even more enjoyable.
    If you buy Sony, you're just one more who bought a headset for €350.
    If you buy B & W, whoever watches you knows that you like not just music but sound quality.

    Some of the "business" websites that do the comparatives, seem to give 100% preference to Sony, but gave me the impression of sponsorship by Sony.
    Because everyone knows Sony, and a lot of people have never heard of Bowers & Wilkins, only sound connoisseurs know it.
    Thus, Sony is more mediated, and ends up having a control of public opinion, and obviously creates a subconscious tendency by Sony, even some of youtubers who make these comparatives
    If you are young, and like techno, buy a Sony.
    But if you are over 40 years old, and want to make up for the lack of youth with charm, buy B&W PX ?? .


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