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  1. You can always come home it's where you belong….man thinking about how we struggled and still made it through rough times, this is inspiring thank you Msaki and Natz

  2. Spacious and clean mix???? classic

  3. This songs till now ❤

  4. Beautiful track!!!

  5. Msaki is moving so nice on this sound!?

    Thank you for blessing us!?

  6. This is too nice ???✊

  7. Wow this beautiful. A great collaboration indeed, the melodic elements by you Natz and Enoo Napa they're magical not forgetting that angelic voice from Msaki.

    Certified hit???

  8. ?????️?️??????

  9. Beautiful man. Msaki is also on point as always ????

  10. Wow this is a hit ❤????

  11. You never disappoint brah, hope you finally putting together a project…

  12. A hit Very Emotional ???❤?

  13. This is very awesome???

  14. Wow.. is this real??

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