UPDATED 8/15: The build featured in this video is a proof of concept using popular parts. Please check here for a much better build WITH PERIPHERALS if you want to use this method!

Acer Chromebook 11: (Affiliate Link)

I’ve had a few of my friends ask me to recommend them a laptop for school that’d be able to handle the games we play too, so I thought I’d make this video to explain why it’s almost always a better idea to build a desktop…

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  1. Hey guys, a lot has changed since the release of this video. I've gathered as much criticism from these comments as possible and before you comment, here's an FAQ of my personal opinion on where we stand now.

    1. This video does not account for a mouse, keyboard, monitor, operating system, and more.
    You're right. I originally intended to expect people to already have a mouse/keyboard and even a monitor/TV to use, as many laptop gamers I know already use this. This was a silly oversight by me, however, this video's premise still stands. With the new components and the better builds mentioned above, you could easily shave 100-200 dollars off the cost of the build, leaving plenty of budget left to cover these. Also, if your school has Dreamspark, you can get OEM Windows for free! See if your school offers this.

    2. NVIDIA 10 Series cards and the RX480 were announced AFTER this video was posted.
    This video took me over two months to make. The announcement of these cards from NVIDIA and AMD make the build used in this video very financially nonsensical. Please check the description to a link to this video's Reddit thread on PCMR for a much better build guide.

    3. The new NVIDIA 10 series Pascal Laptop GPUs are desktop grade, isn't this video pointless now?
    No. While the new mobile GPUs are desktop equivalents made for small form factors, the price of these laptops have risen exponentially as a result. If power on the go was ever important to you, and money is no object, then yes, the new laptops are a better choice as noted at 3:01.

    4. Aren't eGPUs like the Razer Core a better solution?
    Not really. Unless you want to pay $500 for a box to put your new GPU in, you might as well have just built a desktop instead.

    5. I don't want a Chromebook / My schoolwork requires Windows / etc.
    There are plenty of lighter Windows laptops since the release of Windows 10 cause Microsoft to not charge OEMs as much as they used to. In my honest opinion, ChromeOS is still much smoother for Windows and better for general schoolwork. Check your class requirements and decide for yaself. (Note to programmers, Chromebooks are basically native linux machines. Unless you're coding in Visual Studio, I think they're even worth a shot for you.)

    6. I travel alot and need the power on the go.

    7. I need powerful hardware for VMs and creative work in the classroom.

    8. ur a mac gaymer lol
    I don't play games on the Macbook, I play 'em on an i7 5820k | GTX980 rig I built last year. The intro was filmed on the custom rig as it's a hackintosh dual-booting OSX Yosemite and Windows 10.

    I'll try to keep this list updated as I read through more comments. Hope this clears things up a bit!

  2. $3k laptop is the same as a $600 desktop if you build it part by part yourself

  3. Great work! it would be nice if you did a similar video on the laptop+desktop vs gaming laptops again, analysing todays market i.e. in 2020. Maybe include console performance too, just to check. Would be really helpful

  4. I was about to bring my hp pavilion gaming 15 to college

  5. main reason im g onna get desktop and cheap laptop don't want my high end 15 MacBook Pro if I bought it instead of a 27 iMac damaged by another student screwing around or someone bumping into me dropping my product I would not be able to replace. and I won't even use final cut pro on the go and with a high end desktop I can do much more at home and have a $50 Chromebook for doing School work and have 2 devices focused on different tasks.

  6. I watched until 2:36 and I was like "wait a minute, GTX970Ms?", then I realized the video is from 2016….

  7. I did great with a gaming pc during my masters. Statistical analyses run great, heavy powerpoints were handled super eficiently, and all the photoshop/illustrator figure editing was very smooth.

  8. I agree with everything this guy said, except for one thing. for the secondary laptop get a used Thinkpad instead, with that money you have left you can get something like the Thinkpad X270, which will come with a proper SSD and Battery life up to 15 hours, depending on the external battery you use.

  9. I thought this was a fabulous video! Very well put together, tons of information that wasn't too hard to understand for a non-techy person, you were very fluid and enjoyable to watch!! Thank you for the video ???

  10. Hi Sir Core I5 can play game or not?

  11. WHY the fk would i build a dextop that weight 15,20+ kg when i can a great laptop that can do same shit as a dextop? Not everyone do edititing and even if they do, it can still handle it and belive me, if you need portability, laptop is the best option… i sold my dextop, add some extra money and bought a great laptop 😉

  12. How about a monitor keyboard and mouse?

  13. How would I take my desktop to school or college?

  14. 1) my dorm doesn't allow tower pc… I don't know why but well… Whatever

    2) im in art course so… I need all that graphics for animation, video editing, photoshop, and all the ram possible for multitasking…
    3) i do have a pc… (an extremely powerful one) but its in the other end of the country 8hours travel. So the only one who's using it is my mom who probably uses it to search for guacamole recipes…

  15. Where did you get your Mic Book ? Thanks For Sharing…

  16. You have them the right information for a. College Computer..It will last 10 plus years

  17. I study abroad. I can't bring my whole setup everywhere. I also study animation and video production, and I love to game too so yeah, I'm stuck with a gaming laptop. I want to build a gaming PC though.

  18. Why would you play Counter Strike on a mac, or any game for that matter.

  19. u bought a desktop and a laptop… what about a monitor

  20. Why am I getting prepared for college in 6th grade

  21. I never get my pc in school i want laptop you freak

  22. Why didn't I check out this video in 2016 🙁

  23. but I already have a Desktop with a decent specs..

  24. Haha, guess what I just did

  25. Just dont get razer lmfaoo

  26. I know this must be a very late comment but would a laptop such as a Hp envy 13 inch 360x fit the needs of a student that is looking for a long lasting laptop to do schoolwork on?

  27. I have the acer computer chromebook

  28. Y si la uso pa el autocad y para el office? Una acer nitro 5 con i7 8th gen y nvidia gearforce gtx 1050?

  29. If you're an architecture student just buy a laptop. Cause you're gonna move a lot

  30. This video has become outdated with 16xx and 10xx gpus coming in budget pcs in thin and light form factor. Laptop screens have become way better than 3 yrs ago. 1080p has become a minimum standard now compared to 720p when video was published. Now under $1500 we could get 1080p 120/144hz screen +6 core i7 9th gen + gtx 1650+ 16gb ddr4 2666mhz ram + 512gb ssd, weighing less than 2.5kg and thin form factor.





  33. If u a creative multimedia student who need to use heavy software on the go. Just go n buy a gaming laptop. I've been thru hell thru out my sem?

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