Never Buy Mobile Homes inside a Mobile Home Park

One of the worst things I ever did investing in real estate was buy mobile homes inside of mobile home parks. Some investors do well with this but personally my opinion is I will never buy a mobile home in a mobile home park again. Mobile home investing is a great strategy and I love buying mobile homes on land but not in parks. I share in todays video the reasons why buying mobile homes in parks is risky and a headache. I discuss mobile home…

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  1. These mobile home videos are great

  2. Sounds like a video on the best mindset to stay poor.

  3. All I hear about is how to invest in mobile homes in parks because ppl say it's a good way to get started. Where as mobile homes on land you have to move but if you have no where to move them then what do you do?

  4. I'm trying to invest in mobile homes. Wish me well…

  5. Man this is Good..all the others teach to buy in do you prevent thieves from stealing your mobile home on land….awesome content

  6. Since you don't buy mobile homes in parks, where do you buy?

  7. Great cash flow but no appreciation and sub quality tenants with lot of maintenance.

    You got a good analysis.

    Love your videos sir.

  8. Pain is the best teacher.

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