These will work with the Apple Watch 5 2019 Urban Armor Gear has launched a new line of watch straps for the Apple Watch Series. UAG has apple watch active watch bands and Apple Watch Leather straps.

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  1. Hey Guys just relabled this video for the Apple Watch Series 5.

  2. Thanks for the review. Love these bands. I personally like the "Active" version more………certainly looks pretty heavy duty. I just bought a black one today, along with their 44mm watch case.

  3. I bought the nylon one, I liked it except because the lugs didn’t fit perfectly it would make a terrible noise when my watch vibrated…

  4. What's the silicone leather hybrid band that you take off the apple watch?

  5. If you’re a surfer do not buy this band it falls off in even small surf. The Velcro simply doesn’t hold on.

  6. Alright I got exactly both these bands in. Tried them on, wore them both and let me tell you. This guys is definitely hyping these bands up more than what they are worth. First off the leather band isn’t good quality, it’s definitely cheap. The nylon strap band is short and I mean it’s short, it’s made for small dudes with small wrists. They both look good but the nylon strap had a very large buckle on it and when you lay your arm down it hurts your wrist bone, a lot! Both are kind of cool but they definitely are not good quality.

  7. These UAG active bands are very short. I have small wrists and the band barely made it around my wrist.

  8. Question: do they start smelling bad after certain time of use with sweat?

  9. Fantastic review. I subscribed to.

  10. What watch face is that? It's very functional looking!

  11. too much uag logos

  12. What size watch were you using?

  13. I'm intersted in the active bands, since I workout quite a bit. Yet, the price is pretty steep for what you get. $59.99 is too high for a nylon band IMO.

  14. They look so good! I can’t wear the silicone sport bands by Apple because i break out.

    I absolutely love apples sport bands that are the material with Velcro those are great and I love the way they look and feel.

    I have the monarch case and I really like UAG’s products.

    I’d like to see how these bands are; just don’t know if they’ll fit around large wrists.

    Great video! I’ll have to look into them. They do look very sharp!

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