ASUS are launching new budget friendly gaming laptops in the TUF range at CES 2020, the A15 and A17. These laptops will initially be available with AMD’s new Ryzen 4000 series CPUs and Nvidia graphics – you’ll find out everything we know in this overview!

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  1. Update: The 90wh battery is an option if you don't get it with a 2.5" drive bay, you can get a smaller battery with 2.5" drive if you prefer. Good to see this as an option!

  2. these are available for pre-order on newegg now! 🙂

  3. I really like bigger screens. How noticeably bigger does the 17 inch display appears to be than 15 inch in real life? I'm trying to figure out between this and A15 or Nitro 7 715-51

  4. I wonder will there be a AMD only versions. I mean with radeon graphics.

  5. Does anyone know if this tuf A15, will be good for music production? Thanks!

  6. Can't wait for your review when it comes out. It could be my next laptop, looks promising.

  7. dont u think ryzen 4000 can bottlenech with these gpus give me reply plz

  8. What will be the price sir..and correct release date.. because i have a budget of 75 k..and need a gaming laptop soon

  9. Hey, I heard the keyboard is 1 zone so could Asus change that in the future with software? ?

  10. Guys which is better? i7950 or amd 4600h or 4800h

  11. What about the pricing and when will you review it

  12. jarrod when you the tuf a15/17 release can you do a review on it ?
    edit:also if you didn’t know it will release between march-april and i think the cheaper one is 800usd and the most expensive one is 1000 usd but can’t wait to see it

  13. when will it release T_T

  14. Does the type c support charging

  15. I'm planing to buy asus tuf FX 505DY or should i wait for this one? ☹️ When this one is coming out any idea?

  16. It has been a very exciting year for all of us.

  17. When is this coming out?

  18. I wanted to buy the asus gx701 but I am not sure or should wait for the new ones of 2020

  19. Better than rog, fight me.

  20. Any idea about pricing??

  21. What's the cost in India ?

  22. hi, do you know price estimated? and when will be on latin market?

  23. Hope this so cheap than iphone 11 pro max

  24. Say bye bye to fps cause it gon be split

  25. I'm not a gamer but the A17 is still something I'll keep an eye on. If it can run Kali Linux without compatibility it will make a lovely budget pentesting machine.

  26. I was planning to get fx505du but after seeing this I'm going to wait but I hope the price be around the older generation

  27. Should i wait for this or get the Y540 or Y740 maybe?

  28. Will they lower the price of the previous TUF laptops models after release?

  29. No rgb keybord?

  30. i'm kind of aware that this will be expensive since the specs is so impressive compare to the previous models …. but this is TUF Gaming series….. is it gonna be affordable as usual or not ?

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