Is the Samsung Galaxy Fit better than the new Fitbit Inspire HR? In this video, I test the heart rate monitors, waterproofing, sleep tracking and more. I take these features to the limit and determine which watch is a better daily fitness watch: the samsung galaxy fit vs the fitbit inspire hr.

Fitbit Inspire HR:

Samsung Galaxy Fit:

Additional Review Notes:

Galaxy Fit
* Works…

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  1. Hi! Wich one of theese has a bigger screen?

  2. Believe it or not, I have a Fitbit, but I have no interest in exercise! Yikes! I bought it for one reason – I can keep my cell in my purse on 'mute' and still know when I get a call. I do volunteer work (I am retired) and we do not take calls while with a client.
    My one problem is that on the Fitbit, it will vibrate on my wrist but most of the time the notification disappears before I can read it.
    After seeing your review, I think I will give the Fitbit to my DGD and get the Samsung Galaxy Fit for myself.
    Thanks for an informative review.

  3. Is the galaxy fit screen is touch active or is it just when you flip it towards your face

  4. The super-short charging cable (3 inches?) on the Fitbit drives me crazy. What a stupid idea. Don't these companies ever test their products? I've also had a lot of trouble syncing my S10+ to the app.

  5. Galaxy fit looks good almost might buy. My only small gripe is the band looks cheap and nasty. Great review

  6. Is the stress tracking accurate?

  7. I had a Fitbit Versa for a short time and I feel like the Galaxy Fit is better and does more, and looks and feels so much higher quality.

  8. how to reply for a messages?

  9. Galaxy Fit without a doubt.I have a galaxy fit and my sister has the Fitbit so i borrowed it for a month. And i have to say the galaxy fit just has a more premium look to it and its screen just seems more crisp. And the user interface is also a little more user friendly compared to the fitbit. Lastly the screen sensitivity is super good i barely have to swipe or tap twice at any point of time.

  10. Late at viewing but…. the Fitbit charge 3 is way better than the hr compared to their features being the same, the screen is way better. Never looked at the galaxy fit due to always having an Apple Watch and people told me to go the Fitbit route. My mom had the Alta when it first came out, but, never used it. Crazy how much technology has changed! Can tell fitbit has tried keeping the sleek design going.

  11. Are you Nate O'Brien's brother?

  12. have u used galaxy fit with iphone? can u do message quick reply from galaxy fit paired with iphone?

  13. Wish I saw this video before I got my inspire hr

  14. My 10th day using inspire hr and omg it was a mistake to get it. My diesel fashion band does a better job at tracking my movement. 4 out of 5 days I wake up and it registers 3000 steps on my fit bit. Wish I could take it back and just stick with Apple Watch

  15. "if you're a girl, a woman, or female….."


  16. Samsung galaxy fit with a iPhone? And with the band can you get quality aftermarket ones that look like the fit bit traditional one?

  17. it was doing that to show were your heart rate stopped it was measuring it in a different way

  18. Thanks for this. I'm trying to decide which one to get. I'm still stuck at the moment, but you gave me a lot of info to work with!

    Update: I went with the Galaxy Fit and overall am very pleased. The find my phone feature is helpful for me. Display is lovely. Love being able to adjust the brightness. Having 10 exercises saved is very convenient. My only complaint is I can't get it to change the distance from km to miles (I see others online had the same problem). It doesn't bother me too much but I am more use to miles for distance.

  19. I will buy fitbit.

  20. Does anyone know if I can play Spotify through the Galaxy Watch?

  21. How can I active the galaxy fit with only double tap?

  22. Emojis are not supported in quick response.

  23. Fitbit inspire is awful!! I had 2 of them and both stopped working

  24. you need a control when testing these functions, so you can tell us which one is the more accurate, without this you cant really advise us which one is truly the better option

  25. Best review Mike, I was looking for a comparison between sleep tracking features and you did a good job there. I think the Galaxy Fit is best as a first tracker, but I personally will go with the FitBit for 2 reasons; 1st, I already have few years of tracking history on the FitBit account that I do not want to lose. 2nd, it syncs well with my food tracking app LoseIt. That's a huge part for those who want to control their weight

  26. HR not compatabile with Android?!

  27. Galaxy Fit wins hands down.

  28. The best non-pro review of the Fitbit on the web. And non-pro is usually what you want with something personal and you something you wear. Day-to-day usability over lab tests though there is a place for lab tests. Not mentioned much: the actual app, website, paid versions and linking to other fitness sites (e.g. food / diet apps). You are marrying into a fitness family because you want your data in one place even when you upgrade your device. Choosing Fitbit or Samsung now probably means a 5-year commitment for most people if you actually use the app data. The device may be less important the the ecosystem.

  29. Can you track weightlifting on galaxy fit

  30. If you have a moment, can you definitively tell me that calories burned during a workout are consistent with the actual workout? I have had this watch, and when I last had it, I would start a workout, and a minute in as an example, I would still NOT see calories burned. It would finally start, but it always seemed inconsistent. During vigorous exercise, an average individual will burn about 10 calories a minute. Do you see that occur with the Fit, or is it still lagging? thank you.

  31. nice review. simply but cover the useful function

  32. You look handsome

    Great review!
    I think I will go for the galaxy fit.?

  33. Does it track football very accurate ?

  34. Hi Mike. Does the Samsung gives an alert if you have very high or very low heart rate? Does the alert sends to your mobile phone when connected via bluetooth?

  35. This was a good review. Covered a wide range of topics on the trackers. For me, I want a watch that tells time and date, and then also monitor workouts. I personally will be going with the galaxy fit, just hoping that my pixel 3 works well with it.

  36. These fitness trackers are nice but I’d rather get a smart watch like the Fitbit versa 2. ⌚️⌚️⌚️?

  37. Of course Samsung galaxy fit⌚️

  38. Thanks for your videos! Question is there anyway to set the Samsung Galaxy to show a constant HRT only on the screen while I am swimming?

  39. The battery on my Fitbit inspire lasts 9 days. I keep the feature where the screen wakes when you turn your wrist turned off.

  40. They both have guided breathing

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