HP’s Sexy New Portable Computers. Contributor Gary Krakow gets a tour of the new line of Hewlett-Packard portables, including a 3D netbook and a new Vivienne Tam design. All are Windows 7 ready.

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  1. Wow this really throws me back, they're playing the bee movie on a mini-laptop. Amazing

  2. i am NEVER getting an hp laptop again. they're a waste of money. mine KEEPS freezing, & I am getting sick & tired of having to CONSTANTLY turn it off & on again. I was in the middle of a video when it happened AGAIN – & this time, it kept freezing EVERY FEW MINUTES. the last time, I couldn't find the video I was watching be cause for some reason it wasn't in "history". usually it is, so I have no trouble finding what I was watching when the stupid thing decided to aggravate me by freezing.

  3. my hp laptop computer CONSTANTLY freezes, and the ONLY way I can make it unfreeze is by turning it off and turning it back on again – and some times I have to do this SEVERAL times. it's a real annoyance.

  4. stay away from HP laptops , they are terrible and stick to something decent like either Mac , Sony or Toshiba .

  5. the dude taling is nervous… =0

  6. nice little machine.

  7. This is the same company that has refused to help customers with there problems with the M8600 Nvidia chip sets problem. Blank screen's ect. I would steer clear of HP Products till they make good on that.

    HP Boards are filled with numerous complaints about there laptops. The 8600M Being the top issue for people there are thousands of complaints from US, Canada and the UK about it.


  8. Thats the best part. I have an Acer 3810t, no optical drive. I will never get a laptop with one again.

  9. what sucks is they dont have a cd drive

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