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This is allegedly the best noise cancelling headphones of 2019, well I want to put that to the test today with my son polokingcarter. We will test the new features of the wireless bluetooth headset in our own funny way.

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New Sony WH1000xM3 Review: Are These Headphones Really Child Proof?

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  1. First like and comment ‼️?

  2. Apex Is better fortnite Is trash

  3. Deep down in his heart, he knows apex is better lol

  4. Fortnite for kids, apex for adults

  5. more vids with polokingcarter

  6. I seen IPodKingCarter in park last weekend

  7. This joint funny but your son tripping talking about fortnite better than apex

  8. blasphemous, Apex is better than 2k and anything else

  9. More videos with polokingcarter

  10. That'd be dope to have polo on more tech review's, it was super funny lol

  11. How the fuk is 89% not subscribed and 19% is??‍♀️?‍♀️

  12. He has such a personality! Lol

  13. I love this video! Keep it up @ipod!

  14. For those of you that are giving young Poloking flack for getting some subs from his dad; Go somewhere else with that. It's not his fault that he has a great father that wants to continuously give him shoutouts. Every parent wants (rather should want) their child to succeed. Hell, as hard as it is to be successful in youtube these days, let the young king get all the help he can get… BTW he's still a kid. Be great Young Poloking.

  15. iPod I hope you told him that once he fully grows out his dreads he has a responsibility to be ?? at everything he does lol

  16. It’s supposed to be, it’s the best noise canceling headphones. Yes, better than the Bose.

  17. ???? more videos with yall Ipod

  18. Since 2013 I been watching you are real OG of community ?

  19. How’s your day going and how’s the family keep grinding bro

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