Nick Swardson calls in from a chilly gig in Minnesota, and Nicole Byer, Ron Funches and Greg Fitzsimmons discuss “Star Wars” and whether married couples should live apart.

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  1. Why would you spoil the joke in the thumbnail

  2. Wholeheartedly agree with the Pete Davidson thing

  3. I subscribed, then I heard bleep bleep bleep. I thought this was an adult channel.

  4. The fact that the "big ….girl" got the biggest applause for the chicken comment out of all….just reassures me the zombies are alive and killing it (ie the industry) in hollywood….who really cant see the force fed script even today ??

  5. Actually the nerd super bowl is the league of legends world championship. Surprisingly it got over 100 million viewers which is the same amount as the actual super bowl. That's pretty funny.

  6. wow. kate dated pete davidson?? goes to show all the men out there… dream big. that dude is uglier then sin and he gets a woman like that. there is hope guys.

  7. Lmao when david realized its a homeless joke. 1:25

  8. New starwars killed of about 85% of starwars and replaced it with three crappy movies. It's not cool and the people excited for it and shippers and Disney affiliates

  9. 6:16 Sorry Ron, Kevin Smith coined the parody title "Star Whores" in "Zack and Miri make a Porno" more than 10 years ago.

  10. Howlin' Rays is great.

  11. almost the same bit on conan but still funny ???

  12. Nick's career never had a home run. Always a double/triple. It's really unfortunate.

  13. does anyone really like Nick Swardson tho?

  14. I thought Precious lost weight?

  15. thank god ron funches was here to balance out the hipster

  16. I can't believe I watched the whole thing for the Swardson bit….

  17. I can't get over how much "truth" rings thru the statement "women aren't funny"
    Yes there are exceptions, but this women shouldn't be on stage…..

  18. I could totally see Ron going after some blue Twilek girls like: jump on it jump on it!!

  19. Snark can be good as the spice. Snark does not make a meal.

  20. Saw nick swardson's show last night. Even without the music cue intro (? u had one job…) it was an awesome show!!! Seen him 2 yrs ago at the same place with spade and the gang…. Freaking love these guys!!! Thank you for the laughs last night nick!❤

  21. Spade your a fucking nerd you sad fuck

  22. Love to see Fitzsies on here!

  23. I wish Nick was in more stuff, I've always loved him, same with David.

  24. Nick has gotten so fat

  25. Has anyone else noticed that the fatter swardson gets the less funny he becomes

  26. Jar jar and 8 ewoks ?

  27. Star wars will it ever go away. ??? But I love these comedian's. Great panel!!

  28. Greg Fitzsimmons is not funny and that hat looks ridiculous on him. I’m sorry to everyone else on the panel that you had to be there with him that night. The worst part is how he thinks he’s funny. In my opinion, the people who think they’re funny are some of the most unlikeable people on earth. If you think you’re funny, you are not, I’m sorry

  29. Holy crap, this show is awesome. David deserves Lilly Sing’s 1:30 am slot on NBC, as her show sucks fat cock.

  30. "Not going to take advise from someone who dated Pete Davidson"…sound advise!

  31. Bucky Larson, Born to be a Star is a classic. Nick Swardson was the best in Just Go With It, he floored me in that one, so love him in that film. Funny as hell. 🙂

  32. What the fuck is wrong with admitting that we have a homelessness problem in California?

  33. David spade's hot question after they just talked about the temperature:

    "Is it cold? Looks cold!"

    How episodes left until this show is cancelled? I'll give it 4 more.

  34. Leave it to a rich celebrity to say owning two houses is the best way to be married. Sheesh!

  35. Exactly!!! No advice from a Pete Davidson ho… eeeek!

  36. Funches is the gayest straight guy ever.

  37. So…Billy D Williams isn't black!?!?.

  38. Being from up north on the iron range in MN
    Yea from experiencing as much as 40 below zero anything above 0 in the winter is considered a tropical heat wave

  39. I gave up my first day first show Starwars ticket (released 20th) to hang out with a group of friends of '94, at the beach…
    Got my priorities all jumbled up ??

  40. Donald Trump is the Blackest man alive.

  41. The dude with the hat brought progressive nazi politics into this and should be dinged.

  42. I hate fat people

  43. Greg Fitzsimmons is the worst, dude never misses a chance to virtue signal. At least make an attempt to be funny sometimes my guy, if it's possible.

  44. The black chick so fat her fucking pant leg exploded

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