Solid on the inside and out: the new #Notebook7, where premium style and comfort lie at your fingertips. Discover its slim metal design with a refined glass display and its Lattice keyboard with a wider Precision Touchpad. Experience the immersive depth of Dolby Atmos® 3D sound. #SamsungNotebook

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  1. Anyone know when it is going to be released in Europe??

  2. No one at Samsung can tell me which drawing pen can be used with this unit. Why include the tech but not tell end-users how to access the tech? Senseless!

  3. indian release?

  4. Samsung it is the best of world but İ don't have Samsung techs

  5. why Samsung is not using OLED on their laptops ?? DELL, RAZER etc are using SAMSUNG'S OLED panel

  6. Not to burst your bubble or anything but in 2019, we don't do 8th generation. We do 9th generation

  7. The noise of this notebook's fan is soooooooooooo BIG.

  8. I remember about this machine each day, when it'll come in the market and when I'll go to purchase it….

  9. 1) is this display IPS and anti-glare protective?
    2) How is the GPU?

  10. I remember this song in one of oneplus's ads

  11. No s pen? Lol samsung

  12. Te amo Samsung tudo mais tecnológico do mundo , em elétricos

  13. Still not available? Wth!

  14. What’s the title of the song???

  15. It comes with inbyilt fingerprint scanner?

  16. Vai custar dois rim no BR

  17. Nothing impressive….just an ultrabook like all ultrabooks….maybe if it comes at 600 euro with top specs might be interesting ?

  18. Is this laptop available in Italy?

  19. Is it sold in Saudi Arabia?

  20. Looks nice considering it!!

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