Best laptop for back to school – this is the HP Spectre x360
Check out the HP Spectre –
Thanks Intel for sponsoring this video!

Other great back to school laptops to check out!
(All of these have pen support)
Dell XPS 13 2 in 1
Dell XPS 15 2 in 1 (more powerful)
Microsoft surface book 2
Lenovo has a couple good ones but have not personally checked them out.
You can definitely go the iPad route but if you do any serious video creation you WILL need a desktop at home….

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  1. I have it i used it to watch this

  2. I have the 2017 model and I payed 1100$ when it first came out and it runs like a dream still you can probably find it for 600$ and it’s sooooo goood

  3. I bought a Macbook pro for school and it is worth it ?

  4. wow ….what a creative presentation

  5. So I start school Jan 13 can I get the laptop? ?

  6. Do you still like it? I am debating on getting this or surface pro.. she reminds me of Amanda Bynes

  7. You look gorgeous ?and the review is clear and informative

  8. The whole point of this subject is for it to be inexpensive. Like at most $500 for students

  9. Huge forehead soggy eyes

  10. How would you compare the surface pro 2 to the HP x360 spectre?

  11. best intro evah

  12. I'm a student and just bought the HP 15' Spectre x360 with the OLED screen (bought for $2,000). I'm trying to decide whether to stick with that or buy the new 2019 MacBook Pro (will get for $2,400). Any suggestions?

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  14. This video showed up as an ad…
    You should know that

  15. I'm thinking of getting the amazon lenovo 330 design. Really good.

  16. totally not paid to say it’s a good laptop

    totally not

  17. It's usually nice to disclose when you're doing a sponsored spotlight. Nothing necessarily wrong with it, but some people won't know you're reading off of a more or less pre-approved list of comments without a disclosure, and that's misleading.

  18. I found it on Ebay for $850 New brand, what do you think guys? Should I trust them? Cuz in Best buy for over $1350?

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