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  1. OnePlus already installed screen protector out of the box, maybe u can't use your fingerprint because it's double

  2. I'd love to get it but being locked behind TMobile and being 900$ no way sorry partner I'm gonan get the OnePlus 7 pro instead

  3. I never know what a person with Botox is trying to say. You can't read their facial expressions. ?

  4. I don't think setting the display to 1080 is that big of a deal since the battery life is more improved than 1440 is better than 1080. I mean can you REALLY see the difference? It's not that noticable on a phone. 1080 with better battery life is the way to go. I get that "but why have these features if you need to disable or use lower settings for better battery life" but when there's not that noticable of a difference but the battery life is a big difference, then I don't have a problem using 1080 and 60hz on 4G if it means I get more than double the battery life. And 5G is the biggest battery killer. I have 5G in my city but 4G is still plenty fast and doesn't drain the crap out of the battery. I wasn't sure if I was going to keep this phone because of the battery draining but then I remembered I can switch to 4G and battery life improved tremendously. It's a damn good phone even if I can't use 5G, 1440 and 90hz if I want the best battery life I can get. If I'm not too concerned about battery life because I'll be able to charge it if I need, I'll set it to 1440 and 90hz or at least 90hz. 1440 just isn't that big of a deal. Bottom line is it's a great phone and I'm glad I kept it

  5. It looks like the OnePlus device has the whitest whites though

  6. I have had this phone since launch and I was going to upgrade and get the S20 Ultra but I realized that the McLaren is still running like brand new.

  7. Where can I buy this smartphone?

  8. Maybe the official screen protector of oneplus will make the fingerprint sensor works…

  9. Here's how to have fingerprint unlock and a screen protector: Alinsea Screen Protector for OnePlus 7 Pro/7T Pro Tempered Glass [Full Adhesive] [Fingerprint Sensor Compatible][Lifetime Replacement Warranty][3D Glass] Screen Protector for OnePlus 7 Pro/7T Pro

  10. How can you only have 7000 subs. This review was one of the best I‘ve ever seen, you honestly deserve more than half a million.

    Thanks for the review!

  11. I also wish the display calibrated to a brighter default setting on Auto brightness. However, the brightness boosts beyond the permitted manual setting in sunlight, so it's never a problem even in the bright sun.

  12. Idk whether to hop on the oneplus 7 pro now or wait it out for the oneplus 8

  13. Boy you all cannot spell in the comments.

  14. This is a very good review!

  15. I watched because I am interested in buying the phone, but I subscribed because how much I love your accent. I could listen all day to it.

  16. Is there a way to increase the size of home screen icons?

  17. Got the same one

  18. Excellent review Irina – thanks

  19. Whoa! How did I not know about your channel before? ?. Great content. You have a new subscriber ✅

  20. Game mode franatic! Superb with XBOX cloud streaming

  21. I just have a month and already crack the back glass but still awesome phone in all specs for my day routine

  22. I bought this phone just because of Mclaren. Then after i own this phone i fall in love with the display and software.

  23. I came from the Note 10 plus and even though I miss the S pen, I really love this BEAST. It has not been a disappointment since leaving Samsung. I am looking forward to the Note 20 Ultra and also the next version of the McLaren. I will weigh the costs and the specs but I believe I will be a OnePlus user from now on…

  24. I'm getting around 7:30 – 8hrs SOT on mine with moderate usage with 90hz and QHD+ on.

  25. Most screen protectors for curved edge phones tend to be terrible. There is a fantastic alternative that provides solid protection. Check it out here and see if that is what you're looking for!

  26. Going One Plus 7T until a fully functional 5G modem is available on the SoC. A couple of years should cover it.

  27. Hard to upgrade from my almond one plus 7 pro to the mcclaren when there's not a big difference in specs and price is high. I'm satisfied. ?

  28. I love you so much ?????????????????

  29. Try invisible shiled screen protector works with finger print like charm

  30. Your reviews are really good, deserve much more ??

  31. The more I see this phone, the less I like it.

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