On Pocketnow Daily, the LG G8 ThinQ is on sale on Amazon right now for $350 off. The Black Shark 2 is now available in Europe for a very good price tag. The OPPO Reno Ace is now official with a new quad-camera setup. According to a new report, we might be able to get a Pixel Watch next week. Some iPhone 11 users are apparently getting scratches on their phone out of the blue. We end today’s show with the OnePlus 7T Pro and its McLaren Edition being announced.

All this and more after the…

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  1. It's in all the Tmobile stores in the US

  2. Pero Jaime, por Dios, why make a review of a phone they're not selling in the US? Oneplus 7T Pro is not available in the US, so we're being forced to either get a 128gb or the 256gb McLaren Edition, that's about a hundred dollars more than the Pro. When and where can I get the 7T Pro 256GB?

  3. TMobile has the McLaren edition in the US

  4. have the 7pro and not budging…they are already saying the 5g kills the battery,so there's no gain..You cant use a phone without power…

  5. The McLaren Edition is available in the US, it's just exclusive to T-Mobile.

  6. @Pocketnow

    The OnePlus 7T Pro 5G version is brought to the USA by T-Mobile as its exclusive carrier.

    So there you go…


  7. If the title is about The oneplus 7t pro McLaren wy have to wait to the minute 4:00 to hear about it. Come on man go straight to the point.

  8. The OnePlus 7t pro McLaren is available in the US, at TMobile. . .

  9. Watching this on my 7t pro in Canada

  10. T-mobile in the us, New Haven, CT. Has the McLaren edition already. They tried to offer me that phone. Too much for my pockets. I just got the 7T.

  11. Im glad I got the OnePlus 7 Pro 12 TWELVE/256 international variant when it was available. The OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren is over rateed and over priced. Also, too many complaints of not getting updates on TMobile and only 1 SIM slot not 2 with the TMobile varient, not to forget the added TMobile bloatware. The OnePlus 7 Pro international varient right now is at a great price on OnePlus's website for $499. & $549.

  12. So what’s the catch ? I’m confused ?‍♂️

  13. Does anyone buy any of those Chinese phones in the US?

  14. I just wish TMobile will release update to 7pro variant

  15. I just bought the McLaren Edition on T-Mobile in Florida.

  16. Hi I really like this Mc Ed but I see there is a 3 different models HD1913 HD1911 HD1910 Is it possible to tell the difference between them I am trying to buy one I need to see which one works better for US carrier thanks

  17. Go to T-Mobile they officially just launch the 7T pro McLaren edition for $899

  18. $900 for the Mclaren 5g edition with TMobile out 12/6/19

  19. I just pre-ordered the OnePlus 7T Pro Mclaren Edition. It's in the United States for T-Mobile users only and retails at $899.99. They ship out this Friday.

  20. McLaren 5G currently available at T-mobile

  21. Here's a joke… why is your video titled "One Plus 7T Pro McLaren is Hot, but there's a catch" then, you don't talk about it until 4:04 into your 5:59 video? Maybe your video should say, "One Plus 7T Pro Mclaren is Hot, but first, a bunch of non related garbage"

  22. 3/4 of the video is irrelevant to the title of this video. Very annoying

  23. Had it ! hated it ! switched to Mate 30

  24. OnePlus 7pro McLaren coming to T-Mobile USA it's on there website already

  25. McLaren version coming to T-Mobile U.S.A in one week!!

  26. The McLaren edition was announced that it will be released by t-mobile in a 5g variant

  27. T-Mobile is going to be carrying the OnePlus 7T McLaren and it is going to be 5G smartphone – I am guessing the price will be around $750.00

  28. TMobile has actually put on their website that they will be the only carrier that will have the Mclaren edition OnePlus 7pro.

  29. Actually, the McLaren edition is coming to T-Mobile later in 2019 {here in the U.S.)

  30. McLaren edition will be available on TMobile USA price point at a grand

  31. Actual video starts at 4:00.. !

  32. The US better stick to their crappy iPhones and Pixels.

  33. I would buy a 7t pro if it came to the states I hope it does

  34. OnePlus Prices in Europe (Germany) :
    7T: 599€
    7T pro : 759€
    7T pro McLaren edition: 859€

  35. Oneplus 7t pro NON McClaren edition PLEASE! I really hope T Mobile offers the regular 7t Pro

  36. Its wednesday my dudes??!?!! That's the joke Jaime, you are illiterate in meme culture

  37. Are you seriously not getting any new updates?
    Not making fun by the way but T-Mobile announce that they are getting the OnePlus 7t Pro McLaren Edition.
    Supposedly they will be the only ones offering the phone.

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