Check out whether the OnePlus 7T Pro brings any meaningful upgrades regarding screen quality, battery life, performance, or camera image quality in a full video review.

▶ OnePlus 7T Pro full specifications

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  1. Watching this from my OnePlus 7T Pro

    Unbelievable phone guys.

  2. The curved screen bothers me a lot


  4. why make a review of a phone they're not selling in the US? Oneplus 7T Pro is not available in the US, so we're being forced to either get a 128gb or the 256gb McLaren Edition, that's about a hundred dollars more than the Pro. When and where can I get the 7T Pro 256GB?

  5. Apple user here, thinking to switch from Apple to OnePlus. This is the only phone that caught my attention for the price. Any recommendations?

  6. so the new 7T pro has better cam,pop up selfie camera and better cpu…oke…

  7. The OnePlus 7T Pro has some minor upgrades just as I wanted but the power of matte blue is a bit reduced and it looks like sliver-blue which I like more this time. The camera bump is huge so applied this ordered screen protector from the good thing is that the full body screen protector comes with a camera protector.

  8. Easily my favourite phone


    Review : one plus 7t mobile – tamil***
    “Kayalpatnam youtube team “
    ?Larif chills -ksa ??
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    Channel name:(Brim time)


    Review : one plus 7t mobile – tamil***
    “Kayalpatnam youtube team “
    ?Larif chills -ksa ??
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    Channel name:(Brim time)


    Review : one plus 7t mobile – tamil***
    “Kayalpatnam youtube team “
    ?Larif chills -ksa ??
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    Channel name:(Brim time)

  12. Hi Cisco! Loving your new job?

  13. i have money about 650 usd. which i should buy, this phone or iphone xs? sorry for bad english

  14. Are those speakers are Dolby Atmos ?

  15. really like the reviews, but use another battery performance test as the 100 hours with 90hz is probably on standby with the screen off…….. Very irrelevant info, just do a browsing test with the screen on and wifi and mobile data.

  16. Does it have USF3.0 storage on 128gb storage?

  17. where is he come from?

  18. is the curve bad?

  19. The big difference between this and the 7 pro is that 7t and 7t pro comes out of the box with android 10 so it should get an update more than the 7 and 7 pro

  20. Oneplus7tpro Link . Hawei p30 pro .coment.

  21. This mobile.spair parts not available in market I have OnePlus6T feed up from this mobile once fall down from my hand. Almost three months back panel isn't available in market

  22. mom can i borrow your credit card!

  23. Planning to get one until i heard oneplus is announcing something huge in Jan 2020.

  24. What about battery life? I read everywhere that battery only lasts for 3-4 hours…

  25. This mobile is perfect but the price and no headphone is very big *minus*

  26. What chip the op get in eu ???

  27. Hello!!! Can u please help me in how to use the tap & pay in OP 7T Pro.

  28. Nice video very helpful

  29. I'm disappointed with the battery life on this phone. Otherwise it's great…

  30. Ciscoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  31. Useless phone dont buy , wait for 865 chipset

  32. Will this work on Verizon's network?

  33. i have question can you take pictures with the 3 cameras at once to get some ultra photos ?

  34. what game he was playing with that deer?

  35. What the fuck game you playing

  36. I have the 7 Pro… I don't need that if its damn near the same exact look of the one I have.

  37. oneplus need to improve camera features, at present they are banking a lot on oxygen os, xiaomi is a real danger for oneplus and oneplus doesnt have much time to improve as mi note 10 is already here. if only miui can get a little better oneplus will suffer terribly. i think next year releases will make or break oneplus.

  38. Best Review For It

  39. This guy looks like cisco from the flash

  40. What do you mean by noisy photo, and noise in the photo?

  41. hi GSM . can you give me a onplus 7t pro ??? PLZ i need it. 🙂

  42. where can i buy this?

  43. overpowered smartphone

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