My Full Review and Unboxing of the OnePlus 7T – including the OnePlus 7T’s camera, battery, performance, specs and more! Enter the Giveaway here: . (It’s free and international!)

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  1. You can expect the price of the OnePlus 7T to be at or around $599 – Full camera comparison here:

  2. Does it has face unlock sensor??

  3. Hi guys! Can you recommend a phone ranging from $400- $500 with good specs?

  4. This phone is by far better than that garbage called REALME X2 PRO shitty ui, only shows off battery capacity and headphone jack….To be honest when i hear the brand "REALME" it always comes to my mind about "Plastic"

  5. What is the song that you use in 2:38

  6. I really miss the headphone jack?

  7. I didn't get… earphones…and phone covers… with one plus

  8. Hi brother. I am not able to find native video call option in OnePlus 7t. It's only giving me option to call via Google Duo. Has OnePlus removed native video call option. Thanks for your time.

  9. That phone has to be for rich people

  10. I heard that the software have lots of issues an what about its durablity battery softwares performance ?

  11. just bought one simply for the 855+ at the price, can't beat it!

  12. 7 pro is way better then 7t pro except snapdragon 855plus

  13. The flagship killer got killer by the realme x2 pro

  14. Just bought the phone !!

  15. 2:49 what game is that?

  16. I realy want that phone.

    in 2019 i got for my Birthday the "Huawei P9 Lite."

  17. how did you get this box?

  18. Hi. How much is the price for like that package. Mr.boss how to order thank you

  19. Just bought it a couple months ago and love it but it's so big compared to my old s8 and won't fit in my pocket but it's an amazing experience and is way better than the iphone 11 pro that my mom has

  20. Great camera comparison. It's also nice to know the S10 beats the latest and greatest from apple in early 2020.

  21. I got 2 days all the time, even 3 once. The face unlock is amazing but in the end, the screen resolution is rubbish compared to my previous 7 pro and I've gone back to it because of it. That big round camera bump is too much. The power button is directly opposite volume down so you find you're always lowering the volume when turning it on. Lovely phone, just not as good as the 7 pro, which is now coming down in price

  22. What game was he playing?

  23. Watching this on my op 7T

  24. I don't want one, doesn't grab me! Im not a gamer or a tech nerd. I want a simple (to use phone) Thats solid & will last 3 years+

  25. anyone else just came back here because this phone is too sick?

  26. I used to have s10 plus but now I have oneplus 7t absolutely loved it.

  27. I am extremely early into your presentation and very impressed by the fact that I can clearly understand you thank you for the death of clarity that my ears can pick up and understand I very much appreciate. Nonetheless I must give you some constructive criticism and I hope you take it properly, no one plans to drop their phone that's exactly what you said you said and I quote, " if you plan to drop your phone" instead the proper way you would have used these words tendency to drop the phone propensity two dropped phone p r o n e toward dropping the phone those would be words that would properly relay what you were expressing. No I am not necessarily expert in the English language and I'm sure that you can pick up some things in my sentence structure and misspoke words at this point nonetheless I am not on display here you have a reputation to uphold and you must be relay the proper English structure. I will be expecting my One plus 7T Phone Free of charge sent to me through United Parcel Service within the next two weeks. ?

  28. Bro, you will hit 5mil sub this year.

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