OnePlus Type C bullet earphones review these are usb type-c in-ear earphones and I test them with 4 different smartphones and also compare it with JBL C100SI that cost half of this so that you can have an idea how it sounds.

My review of the JBLC100SI earphones

My review of the Oneplus 6T with it’s Pros & Cons

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  1. Here is the JBL C100SI earphones review and my playlist for all the earphones, headphones & audio gear reviews

  2. The only reason I don't want to buy these ones are because it's not a braided wire.

  3. Habla en español gato

  4. It will connect to mi note 5 pr0

  5. Can you help me out. I want magnetic type c. That can connect to. Charger and earphone. Earphone – type c magnetic????

  6. How to buy link

  7. Mr Ranjit, try using your JBL on oneplus 6t then. Oh wait…you will need a usb c to 3.5 mm adaptor too. Did you add that cost t your JBLs?

  8. Dose OnePlus bullet type c earphone work with Mi A2

  9. This earphones comfortable for OnePlus 7T

  10. Excellent bass earbuds and excellent bass type c earphones suggest me bro I am using OnePlus 7. I love bass music

  11. Dear Ranjit please review Deulec ED 200 and JBL T110

  12. Sir ! Could you please suggest me true wireless earphones for one plus 7 pro.
    I'm into listening music during my heavy gym workouts and entire day I'm busy on calls for my real estate business.

  13. It works with one plus 7?

  14. Will it work with iPad Pro.?

  15. Amazon par a earphone Mila nahi raha he link bhejo

  16. It work on pixel 3?

  17. Ok, he didn't tell where to buy them

  18. Plz tell me that is it compatable with OnePlus 3t…. Anyone

  19. Is it really good?

  20. One plus type c or realme buds 2?
    Which 1 to buy for OnePlus 6T?

  21. Can i use type C earnohones in 6T?

  22. badeya agreja dislike dena tenu very bad english language

  23. is this working with pixel 3?

  24. It's worked very well with oneplus 7

  25. Hi sir…does OnePlus bullets work on Google pixel 2xl…???

  26. One plus bullets or google pixel type c earbuds

  27. Paid review by jbl

  28. will these work with p30 pro ?

  29. Jbl is the worlds worst company

  30. worked with the pixel 2?

  31. Finally. He put the title in english and thank god he speak also english. Kinda pissed off with indian people not speak in English while their video title was in english.

  32. Is this earphones suitable to oneplus7

  33. Bhai is air phone ko kaise kharid na he kab aaye ga

  34. What about background noise cancellation on calling

  35. you should compare type c earphones with type c only. bcoz that's the only choice.

  36. So which earphones u should prefer for oneplus 7 (6/128 GB Variant) If I want to buy.

  37. Hey Ranjith, is it works with pixel 2xl? Otherwise please suggest any C type earphones for pixel phones

  38. Is OnePlus bullet headphones compatible with OP7 Pro?!?! ?

  39. Sir I am planning to buy oneplus7 for the first time can u please make a video on their services at their authorized service center. That's urgent as I have heard that their are very few service center of OnePlus in India and they don't not Provide good service to their customers. Kindly tell me about the best OnePlus service center in Punjab. Thank you

  40. can i use it with oneplus 7pro

  41. You are forgetting there is only few type c earphones n yiu comparing it with 3.5mm jack earphones there is lot of more earphones which is better in this price range fir 3.5mm jack bt in type c there is only these OnePlus stand alone

  42. Is there any latency while playing pubg?

  43. You said for the price they are disappointing. What do you recommend that's in the same price range? I listen to hip hop so I like bass.

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