The debate between open versus closed back headphones and gaming headsets has been going on forever. But is there a headphone design that’s best for music, gaming and more? Let’s take a look to see the benefits and issues with each.

Find the headsets in this video at the links below from Drop:
HE4xx Planar: …

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  1. Man I think ima go open

  2. if you're looking to get yourself an open back but don't want to break the bank. Checkout Philips SHP9500, seriously add it to your cart and check out.

  3. Closed Back For Life

  4. I like both and definitely agree I really struggle to talk on the mic with closed headphones and use those when using a mic. Breathability and sound stage is of better with open but depending on your environment I favour closed during the day when every sound cue matters like in Hunt Showdown. Any sound that I can hear that isn't from within that game is just too distracting. Dog breathing and other sounds he makes, car doors closing and so on. I find myself constantly pausing and check it was in game or not.

  5. What's better for directional audio?

  6. Phillips SHP9500 master race checking in.

  7. closed back headphones are the best

  8. yeah.. i live in f*cking europe

  9. i wish all headphones had removable cord because once you brake the cord its so hard/expensive to repair them

  10. i prefer zero sound leakage

  11. in your opinion what is the best current wireless headphone for listening to music, watching movies and playing pc games?

    Between 150 and 300 €.

    Thank you and continued good work

  12. What is the best closed back studio style headphones for under $260

  13. Would a pair of Sennheiser 68X Jubilee be an upgrade over my current pair of DT990 Pro 250 ohm or would I better off buying an amp over using my 2i2 (used for my studio monitors)?

  14. I used to buy "gaming headsets" before literally just a year ago. But after nearly a decade of buying headsets over and over again just to have them break after a year or two, I decided to buy audiophile grade headphones. My first choice was the Audio Technica M50X, it was always revered by PC enthusiasts as "audiophile headphone for PC gaming". Then I realized, "Why am I asking PC community, when I should be asking the audiophile community". They told me the M50X was trash and the M40X was a much better value, although I didn't buy it what I did do was research more about headphones. There was the budget open-backs, the SHP9500, the ATH AD700X, and even the Grado SE80E, but I felt like I was looking something more.

    ENTER SENNHEISER HD6XX. I was at a local shop when I was demo'ing the Sennheiser HD600 and the HD650. I have always heard about these legendary headphones for years but never really understood why they're so famous. As it turns out, these two headphones were the reason why the Sennheiser brand has become so synonymous to "Sound Quality". And seeing that Massdrop did a collab with Senn for a cheaper alternate of the HD650, the HD6XX, it was time for me to actually enter the audiophile territory. And boi, was it the best decision of my life. True I had to spend more than what I was supposed to, a headphone amp to power the 300ohm HD6XX, the Lake People G109-A, and a DAC, the Topping D50s, to have a cleaner source as my Maximus X Hero was having some hiss, but everything was well spent. I wasn't just using my headphones to play games, and occasionally listen to music. I was literally intentionally listening to music more often and going through so many different genres just to hear what they sound. The fact that I was hearing more detail, and actually hearing what a "soundstage" is, and being able to clearly tell instrument separation made me realize how wrong I was with music my entire life. True most music recordings are recorded by mediocre equipment, but just hearing that clean and analytical sounds has made me never want to go back to gaming headsets again.

    And after all that, I now have an array of other cans like the HD600, Focal Elex, and Audeze LCD2C, and even IEMs, the Moondrop KXXS and Campfire Audio Andromeda. I only wanted a headphone for my PC, but after a while I ended up buying more than what I was supposed to and became an audiophile unintentionally. Do I have regrets? My wallet does, but my ears doesn't.

  15. I used closed back for recording with my guitar. Open back all the way for gaming.

  16. Из России с Любовью!

  17. that "breathing" bullshit you say reduces heat is just fake af, i've had ONLY closed back headsets and never had any problem with heat or discomfort

  18. I don’t see open headsets very often

  19. I hate hearing myself in a closed back, open back are awesome for awareness and the sound is so natural. The game one's are amazing for competitive fps. Hd58x will be had in the near future with the gsx 1000. Oh baby!

  20. Health warning: Hearing loss is a real and pressing issue with closed headphones. Do not use them for long periods and always keep the volume low.
    I use hearing aids, but not while i'm gaming. I use open headphones, because they are more comfortable and for the last 15 years my favorite brand has been Sennheiser.
    Tested a pair in the store and found them to offer clarity, that I was missing in other brands. Now here's the thing I want to share with you all, and its important.
    I took a hearing test. And both the doctors and me, where astound to see that it matched perfectly with a test 7 years earlier. This is all to do with me using Open back Headphones in that time.

  21. Love the hd598 from senheiser. Have a fijo amp, nut sure what it is called.

  22. Does open back cause an echo when in a party chat with a microphone

  23. Just recently started using open back headphones with dac while gaming and let me tell you it absolutely destroyed my Astro A50's by a land slide felt jaded how does a $300 pair of headphones get destroyed by a $100 pair so easily?

  24. ive always gone closed back. i play R6 siege and super sound sensitive cant stand background noise while i play so i dont know how people can use open back competitively.

  25. Bought the sennheiser pc 363d 6 years ago and i still use them as the open sound they deliver is fantastic for games. The experience for games with open and closed headsett is as day and night. Have a set of closed headsett as backup and LAN. The mic is retired though and replaced wit a Blue Yeti. I dont think i will change the sennheiser until they brake down on me.

  26. 2:20 Kif, you can't argue with the comfort of velour!

  27. what about this semi-open back style headphones from Audio-Technica ATH-WS 1100iS it sounds really great and it's comparable to the M50X

  28. i only disliked so the number turns 69

  29. i can wear closed for just as long.

  30. Closed blocks noisy neighbors, the air conditioner or furnace depending on time of year. That trumps any spacial gains I'd have gotten from open air. Closed for me. Closed has so much more bass also. Bass is really important in games. Music and games are not the same content. When something explodes, you want that to go BOOM!

  31. @D(i)mitry, try AKG's K872, if you have the chance, they will VERY probably change your opinion on closed-backs. 😉 They're not quite in the same ballpark as the ones used here, but they're SO worth it, IMO.

  32. It seems the open style has some advantages. Probably the best one would be that you can hear around you, maybe you have a kid or something. Or maybe you curse a lot and not living alone, this way you are aware of how loud you speak. But besides that, if you want to immerse yourself and forget about any responsibility for a while, then the closed style are better. I feel that the open style kind of defeats the purpose of headphones. To contain sound only for the listener, to maintain silence, and not bother others and to isolate from the outside sounds, like a neighbor drilling some walls or whatever.

  33. Been recommending open back for years.. but most plebs just laugh at that and say the best headphone is some closed back gaming headset. Ignorance is bliss, but consciously choosing for ignorance is just plain sad.

  34. Closed headphones some of them have an option that you can hear your selfe again (steelseries arctis 7 pro and pro wireless)

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