In this video, we’re going to do a quick comparison between the original Apple Pencil and the Apple Pencil 2 that was just released alongside the new 2018 iPad Pros.

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  1. I only have an apple phone 5 🙁

  2. sO tHaTs WhY tHeReS a MaGnEt On My IpAd

  3. I love apple ✏️ but can’t afford?

  4. I like Apple Pencil 1

  5. I wish there was a Bluetooth Apple Pencil so that it can connect to any device

  6. Witch coloring app are you using

  7. Pencil 2 is advanced i.e magnetic charging system

  8. I'm exited because my freind would get me anything for my b day and my mom will buy me an iPad pro

  9. Apple Pencil 2 is lighter

  10. Can i use this pencil with the new ipad air?

  11. You are horrible at this.

  12. I have the first gen pencil and it’s amazing

  13. I literally just got the 1st gen why tf are these in my feed

  14. Id rather the Apple pencil v1 because the v2 connects to the side which may fall off the side of the iPad and could break, with the v1 there can be cases to fit your apple pencil into (which one of them i own) and then it wont fall off as it is securely in the case.

  15. Is the original Apple Pencil compatible to the 2018 iPad Pro?

  16. It pisses me off that everyone shits on the Apple Pencil 1 for “having to charge on the side” yet I’ve never charged it that way I use the charger cable adapter !

  17. personally, i think starting with the original apple is better since it just needs a simple plug in and out. of course, it’d be a lie to say this wasn’t biased, since i did use the original as soon as it came out. but if you aren’t good with bluetooth and all that jazz then getting the original apple pencil should be better. to me, they’re both the same except the charging is different :0

  18. Oh its a magnetic apple pencil wow,also,i wish the prize was like just 50

  19. Actually you can charge it with a connector to your charging brick

  20. I like how apple makes 100 dollar styluses

  21. hAh, I have a pencil that you can use on ANY device. It works fine too, and it’s only 15 bucks! So worth it.

  22. I have the old Apple Pencil, and mine is new, i just charge it with a cord, because it came with an attacher

  23. Great review. Bought a 2 month old Apple Pencil 2 for $90. It still has a ten month warranty left. Great pencil

  24. what if the iPad has a cover ?

  25. You should of used procrate

  26. Does anyone know how i can use an apple pencil 1 with the 2018 ipad pro without getting a new cable i have no idea hoe to do it

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