This video shows my Jailbroken iPad displaying all of its contents on a large television. If you don’t jailbreak the iPad then the video out cables can only be used within certain applications (Netflix, ABC, Photos, Keynote) and then you can only display the actual output – not the interface. With the application called “Display Out” for jailbroken iPad’s you’ll be able to display your springboard pages, games, photo apps, weather apps, well actually – Any app.

To Jailbreak the iPad…

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  1. My only use would be still photos from my Samsung S4 to a display monitor.  What kind of adapter would you recommend?

  2. I take it this is on iPad 1 then???? Apple allows you to display everything now?

  3. Why do we need to jail break apple products are self . What Apple doesent realize if they would just jailbreak there apple products themselves they would have way more costomers.

  4. Can't get sound tho lol any one? Lol

  5. It works brilliantly with Apple TV – can be a bit of lag, sometimes – as for charging it up, you can plug it into the power – but it means you can't move very far. If you have a decent internet connection – and an unlimited one, at that, there should be no noticeable lag – the cable I mentioned earlier doesn't charge it up – and falls out if you try and play Crazy Taxi on it, or a game where you tilt the iPad!

  6. There is no application anymore called that??

  7. Great video. Thanks for sharing. Just got my cable for my birthday and wasn't impress with its compatibility. Jailbreaking tonight!

  8. The iPad 2 can, without jailbreaking, mirror full content to a projector, using a white cable – not the composite one, it's a VGA – I can get mine to mirror to a PicoPix 1230 – I updated to iOS 5 and also downloaded iOS 5.1 – a bit tricky to move around, as the projector keeps moving, or the plug comes out. I have that air hockey game you see at the end!

  9. Will thismgomwith the iPad 3?

  10. Do you need to jailbrake european Ipads too? As I understand it ipads and iphones have restrictions that we don't necessarily have here in Ireland and other countries.

  11. What is the reason that Apple doesn't support this functionality without jailbreaking? Are they afraid that the iPad might start cannibalizing their Mac sales if they give it too much capability?

    The iPad seems like a perfect presentation tool, *IF* you can send the display to an external video device. Why wouldn't Apple want to capitalize on that?

  12. @TheEsotericDesi I doubt you will ever be able to do that as the iPad only supports video OUT. Why not just buy a monitor that will be 2.5 times the size and a third the cost?

  13. @TheEsotericDesi Air Display for the iPad. Not only that, you can actually use it as a touchscreen.

  14. @sanfrangman Redsn0w 9.7 b6. It's easy, JB it first, then find the 4.2 b3 ISPW and JB monte it (It's on redsn0w) it's that easy.

  15. WORKED!!!!! thanks!

  16. Seriously, the hardware is obviously capable, so why does it take 'jailbraking' the iPad in order to allow this functionality. Come on Apple, get with it!! I'm considering an Ipad, but only if I can optionally display on an external monitor

  17. Thanks so much. This is exactly what I was looking to accomplish!!

  18. @rutherk1g theyre assholes…

  19. @particlesofenergy if you wipe it does not void

  20. does the spirit jailbreak void your warranty? If you do it, can you reset it and apple would not know you did it? Thanks

  21. Thank you this is exactly what we were looking for at EFC. We are now going to be able to train our staff on how to use apps and the iPad as a pedagogical tool!!

  22. Lol this will be ultimate for gaming

  23. It will work on any TV given you use the correct iPad output cable

  24. It doesn't work for my 53" Sony tv!!

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