Built in the 1940s, the Palm Canyon Mobile Club was showing its age when the owners approached realtor Paul Kaplan about helping to sell new homes in the park. Kaplan suggested a fresh start:investing in tiny homes instead of traditional mobile homes.

Rather than partnering with a prefab designer or tiny home architect, they chose to work with a traditional mobile home manufacturer because of the scale of the project (100 homes).

Working with manufactured home builder Silvercrest, they…

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  1. So they went from small trailers to " tiny homes " LOL….LOL

  2. Very attractive neighborhood.

  3. I almost bought in there two years ago. It's just too cramped, and too expensive. Plus the land costs each month. But, it's a great neighborhood. Nice finishes, but very very small, and right up against the neighbors.

  4. I fell in love with tiny homes because of their uniqueness, creative storage, individual space & ability to move it wherever life takes you!! These offer none of that:( It's simply a mobile home park 🙁

  5. This is expensive.

  6. $200,000? Outrageous!

  7. an hour and a half west of this in orange county it's 1300-1800 a month for land lease.A lot of orange county sellers walk away with 400-700k when they sell. they can easily buy this at 200k and afford 650-900 a month for life, especially with social security

  8. Mobile Homes in parks are not capital investments. They are an investment of peace of mind. When you cant afford a mortgage on a $500k house or $2500 a month rented apartment, a mobile home is a good alternative. You can pay a cheap price for an older established mobile, and then pay a modest rental fee each month. This is why they are so popular with seniors. Anyone who tells you a mobile home in a park is an investment is lying to you. The only exceptions are high demand locations like central California coast, or if you buy a tore up mobile home for next to nothing or free, put in some money to flip it, and make a modest sales profit.

  9. If I can't own the dirt, I don't want the house.

  10. no way would i spend that kind of money to live in that area. it looks like a dump and i dont care if you are fixing it up there is alot better places to live for alot less. The whole area looks dead.

  11. Lots of gays in there.. You can get condos in Palm Springs for less than this.

  12. He sure is cashing in. He even said they might have to charge more…for these 'small homes' ! Plus 650 rent ! Way too expensive

  13. That bedroom window hahahahahahahaha

  14. Tiny homes are just overpriced mobile homes. Mobile homes are the clear winner. A lot cheaper, too.

  15. Get a gay guy to show the property and all of a sudden the trailer home isn't a trailer home? Get real.

  16. I've seen a Park Cottage RV, which is just a small mobile home, for $45,000. There are definitely cheaper options.

  17. Awesome community. You might like some of the communities and homes we tour.

  18. Surprised that these homes have no solar panels on the roofs- sunniest place in California!

  19. I would want my deck on the back so I could sit out there naked at night and burn a doob.

  20. Did he mention about bathroom plumbing or is it a composting toilet??

  21. This guy has definitely made a LOT- a LOT of profit!!! Exploiting people's needs……that's ashame….

  22. When tiny homes were first being built, people loved them because they ranged from 15-25k, now you should just buy a house

  23. Irritating photography …

  24. Way too much money! You can get a 1800 sf brand new mobile, in a brand new park in Oregon for $100-115k

  25. "Tiny homes", these are really half of a double wide. Not a big stretch.

  26. REALLY nice video! Very well done…& what a great project!

  27. I guess this isn't predatory since it is California but 200k and 650 rent

  28. Anyone choosing to live there for those prices is a moron.

  29. can he not see how ugly the land is there. 650. he's a crook.

  30. Beautiful! What a great idea! I like the decorative walls they have added for the street numbers.

  31. my sims is over the moon rn

  32. Extremely expensive living!

  33. Shit for 150k you can get a really nice modular home. Buy like 1/2 acre on the outskirts and there you go.

  34. I don't see these as being overpriced at all if you make comparisons with current homes in Ca. But if you could lock down the property rental for variable blocks of time the attractiveness would increase tenfold in my opinion.

  35. Those look very nice excellent design engineering in planning congratulations high ceilings upper windows space saving cabinets love the shower you did a great job thank you

  36. This is so expensive for a trailer home and yet the lot not yet included in the price..OVERPRICED!!!

  37. kicked out a bunch of middle-, lower- income people so some yuppies could have a little treat. this is what's happening to california in a nutshell.

  38. Always a con man out there to make a buck and screw over people. Compare these to the enormous obscene mansions and tell me there is not something wro g with this scene?

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