Adding a matte screen protector to your iPad can transform your writing and drawing experience with your Apple Pencil. Making the surface of the iPad feel more like paper.
PaperLike are a well marketed option and I compare it against the cheapest option on Amazon from kwmobile. I take you through the whole process of installation and the advantages and disadvantages of both.

PaperLike [Amazon]: | kwmobile [Amazon]:
You can also get PaperLike direct…

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  1. Do you use a screen protector? If so, which one? Would love to hear!

  2. My 8 dollar one works great and I got 3

  3. Awesome review. But handwriting was equally bad in both case xD

  4. Do you recommend installing paperlike over the tempered glass screen protector?

  5. I found your review useful. Well done and thank you.

  6. How's your pencil tip looking now since posting this video and using the Paperlike?

  7. Thanks but next time you can put my protection on the iPad because I always have a bubble. ?

  8. I have a case with a lip because it has an Apple Pencil holder. How do you carry your pencil around with your Smartcover, which otherwise looks amazing?

  9. great video. straight to the point

  10. I wish they can do this for tablet or android user….

  11. not available in my country

  12. Hi, great review, I used a Paperlike on my ipad 12.9" from new, within 4 days my Apple Pencil tip was ruined and down to the metal, I was wondering if you or anyone else has experienced the same problem?

  13. Can the PaperLike be removed?

  14. I bought all of these screen protectors and applied them on top of each other and the protection has never been better

  15. Definitely not buying it. It looks weird. But I want to use it for note taking. Sigh. I’m confused

  16. Are there any custom sizes for Android etc

  17. Does it damage the tip of the apple pencil?

  18. Thanks for such a thorough fair review. With practical advice like applying the screen protector which looks like a hassle to get right, especially for a novice like me. As reading my iPad is more important than writing, I now know that for me having no screen protector.

  19. Great thorough review, thanks! Thinking twice about buying the paperlike now – mostly use it for notes but don't want to reduce the quality of reading on it. Will likely go with a cheap one to start or see if I can find a single paperlike on ebay first

  20. Thanks so much for this!

  21. Thank you so much for this. Been reading the paper like reviews on their website and it's only speaks good. Quiet misleading.

    But your review of showing the display clarity n how the screen looks after the screen guard stuck made the choice easier.

    Guess I'll save some money and not buy paperlike.

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