Demonstrating some features of the Pip Boy Watchface 10 in 1 for Android Wear. I am using Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + and the LG Watch Urbane.
Pip Boy Watchface 10 in 1

Watchmaker Premium

Fallout Pip-Boy

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  1. I did that for my versa

  2. Wantvthis for IOS, anyone know?

  3. People starving Ethiopia and you have the luxary of playing with your pipboy toy. …,)

  4. I cant download this for my s3 now I wish I never got it because I only used the pipboy on my s2

  5. nice and Perfect not for Apple ??

  6. I'm building my own actual pip boy watch, modeled after the Fallout 4 pip boy. I wish there was one already out there……gotta take matters into my own hands. (no pun intended)

  7. Is the android wear for any smart watch that works on android?

  8. Anyone knows if it works with a Fossil Q Marshal?

  9. how you get no black bar at the bottom

  10. Where can I get one of those watches?

  11. oh shit I better get one of those watches

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