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Google is buying Fitbit, which previously bought Pebble, and if my Twitter feed is any indication, not everyone is happy about it.

Small, beloved hardware companies that are struggling to survive on their own being gobbled up by the big tech titans is almost becoming a cliche. But it’s also affecting a lot of customers. Namely, us. So, let’s break it down.


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  1. Everyone be like "oh no Google is getting my data". How many of you live a Google-less life? Your data will be collected even if you browse Google searches. Everyone seems to take Apple's claims about privacy no questions asked. Every single tech company is using our data, wake up.

  2. google kills everything

  3. Android Wear is a love hate relationship.

  4. I am ready to plunge into Apple. Google, Googles everything they buy. What a dumpster fire…

  5. Google had a habit of introducing hardware and when it doesn't succeed, they give up on it and in turn let down their customers.

    I've tried to have faith in Google but I don't anymore. If it wasn't for their hardware partners we'd all be living in an IOS world. Let's be honest, if it wasn't for Samsung, this would already be true.

  6. If only Samsung had bought WebOS from HP. We'd be talking about three mobile platforms and would have REAL competition because Samsung has hardware down but they're limited by Google's software.

  7. Not excited about all the data Google tracks, but would be nice to have something actually compete against the Apple Watch.

  8. Google has never had any successful product till this date beside search engine lol

  9. Why not as Google fitbit?

  10. Google is struggling with hardware, and fitbit was struggling in general. Fitbit has a great product, but their software and decision making has been extremely lackluster. The latest fitbit updates have been awful, and their new Charge 3 product while it had better hardware, It felt like a downgrade software wise from their previous line Charge 2. I think this acquisition helps both Fitbit and Google to finally make a good solid product that is both good in hardware and software, and make customer friendly decisions for their products.

  11. I have used a Fitbit for over 2 years. Can anyone help me prevent google getting all my health and fitness data?

  12. I used to love google and what they did back in the day. They’ve really shown their true colours as of late, with horrible privacy policies, shitty hardware products (with the exception of a couple), subpar software services which just keep getting worse somehow. They just really lost their soul over the years.

  13. so what's your point? fitbit should just disappear and google shouldn't even try? also, if you're so anti google, what's your opinion on apple taking google money for iOS user search data? That they need it to bolster their services revenue?

  14. Always enjoy this channel???

  15. Lol can google survive Fitbit ? that exploding Fitbit

  16. Weak? I had to wait 7 weeks for my new iPhone!

  17. Can Google make a good product?
    ans: NO

  18. Dark mode twitter

  19. I think Tizen is remarkably underrated. In my opinion it blows watchOS out of the water in some key ways.

    Somewhat ironically, I think Samsung needs to improve most in customization and hardware when it comes to their watches compared to Apple.

  20. Been happy with the Fitbit Charge (various iterations) for a few years. Now strongly considering an Apple watch.

  21. Is this even legal lol

  22. Samsung's Tizen platform, outside of not having access to Google play is better because Samsung bet on itself and does it's own hardware. Google keeps relying on other people to do it's hardware. It needs to be more proactive in pushing its own products.

  23. Google can't survive Google. Fitbit is doomed eventually.

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