In this video we try out a bunch of games that you guys suggested us to play on the Xiaomi Gaming Book 2019
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The Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop, the 2019 Edition or the Mi Gaming Book 2019 – It has a metal build and a 15.6 inch Full HD display. What’s special is that this is a 144Hz panel. is It also sports dual front firing speakers as well as an RGB backlit keyboard along with a Windows 10 precision touchpad.

This is the top variant and…

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  1. What are your favourite PC Games? Do you game more on PC or the laptop? Lets me know your all times favs ???

  2. When it's going to launch in India

  3. Mi Gaming Laptop vs. Predator Helios 300 i7 – 9th gen Please.

  4. How to buy this laptop

  5. "This is one of the best CS GO experiences"
    And one of the worst gameplay

  6. Was watching an ASMR video , came here & my lord the ads fucked both my ears out , ash seriously bro keep the ads at the end of the vid

  7. Fortnite is gsport. Not esports.

  8. Is it coming in India?

  9. where can i buy this lappy???

  10. Everyone looking for gaming laptop
    #C4ETECH is here❤❤

  11. loved the video Ash!

  12. I have played gta v on 30 fps ?

  13. What is 0.1% low means?

  14. I hope the ryzen 4000 comes soon to laptops. Pair it with a 5700 xt or a 2600 and we'll see magic happen. The 5700xt does not have ray tracing but performance-wise it can match the 2600. If only things were not so bad in China atm.

  15. Can u review marq falkon aerobook

  16. try the asus tuf-fx505dt with 512gb ssd one of the best you can buy under 60k price bracket

  17. Video on undervolt and over clock please

  18. Who plays Exodus like that? ?

  19. Nah i prefer rx570 in this price.

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