Check out our review of the Audeze Mobius audiophile headphones for gaming. The Mobius is a gaming headset that offers phenomenal sound quality. 

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  1. What mode of headphones was used in tests??? 7.1-sterio? what option used – steps -shots? 3D was – on or off?

  2. which sound settings do you use 7.1 2.1 or hi res?

  3. Hi , could you write settings in your headphones like what you use – 2ch or hi res or others ? And what is the best connection to pc ?

  4. So, what am I doing wrong with Audeze Mobius? My very old siberia hears the enemys footsteps much clearer and further away when for example waiting for a push. With Mobius, the sound queues comes when he is super close around the corner. Have been using footsteps preset and diffrent sound prefs in-game.

  5. great video! I was looking for this!

  6. CS GO has static sound range. It means you will hear the same sound loudness in every normal headset. So all you are talking is a lie.

  7. Thank you for your review of this. Having in game representation makes all the deference with me, due to the fact that just talking about what it can do just doesn't seem as good of a descriptor as showing it. I've been planning on getting these ever since I saw them initially for pre-order. Now I see, I am definitely getting these when I get a chance.

  8. I bought Audeze Mobius headphones 3 weeks ago,after i watched your video (and read many reviews) and wanted to try em out, but today i decided to return em. I think they are good quality for music and maybe some other games, but for cs go they are not the best. Atleast I like my "old" headphones Senheiser game zeros to be better for hearing footsteps and locating exactly where someone is. I tryed Audeze mobius with 3.5 jack and with usb cable, also with and without soundcard and with integrated soundcard. Also all different setups with 3D, 7.1, hi res, 2channel and those different soundstages(?) ->"footsteps,rpg,flat,default etc etc.. Never tested the mic though, so cant say anything about that.

  9. Did you have the 3D mode(waves nx) turned on?

  10. ty for this sharing. hyperx cloud orbit for the wired cheaper version.
    i would live to have your feedback on one of my favorite headset superlux HD 668b.
    30€ only(Ive add some better pad on it)
    and now that Ive broke them… i thinking about those Mobius .
    the HD 668b have a veeeerry good openess

  11. You forgot to share the settings of Audeze HQ that you use.

  12. Hello. I am using Sennheiser GSP 600 headset right now. Will i feel big difference with audeze mobius?

  13. Awesome video man! What are your thoughts on open back headphones for gaming? I was thinking about getting Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro for gaming, was wondering if you can do a review on them

  14. what was the headphones settings om the test?

  15. Fantastic review.

  16. Many thanks extremely handy. Will share video with my pals.

  17. If I didn't already already have a Mobius, I'd buy one based on this. I could actually hear locations on my Mobius while watching the video, just as he described them.

    It's also funny at the very end when he switches back to his regular headset and the voice quality drops to near-zero.

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