Hey guys welcome to the first of hopefully many videos on Programming on the iPad. I feel that with the advent of iOS13 (iPadOS), we may finally have a great portable tablet that can be used for developers on the go.

Using Pythonista + Working Copy, you will be able to have a fully functioning, offline-optimized (after you install the things, of course), development environment on the iPad. Do leetcode questions, prototype some scripts, or even use your iPad as an automation hub that can…

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  1. I have two questions:-
    1. Which ipad can i use for coding ??(it is necessary to buy ipad pro)
    2. Can i buy keyboard mouse combo and then pair both at the same time ??

  2. can you download library’s on pythonista? And how?

  3. Can you post your finished game on the App Store?

  4. Waiting for the next video..

  5. Definitely looking to try this out!

  6. Nice video, greetings from Chile.

  7. Hey Andy, come with the tutorials man. The content is really good.

  8. I know this is going to sound dumb but is there anyway to code without a mouse or keyboard? Maybe a way with just touch screen?

  9. I was an Android fan till ı see pyhton on ipad. Can ı code with pyhton libraries on ipad?numpy or others?

  10. More videos please!

  11. keep these going!

  12. Awesome! Really Looking Forward for more

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