I made a video about PUBG Mobile iPad Air 1 Gameplay in 2019 iOS 12 , this device is 6 years old now and still capable to handle the pubg mobile. I am amazed. If you enjoy the video hit the like button! 🙂

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  1. My new iPad Air 3 (iPad Air 2019) Pubg Mobile video is up on the channel! Take a look, here is the link: https://youtu.be/8H-yqxhGiBY


  3. hello good night, I have 1 ipad mini 2 with ios 9.3.6 but I can not download it in the app store, because it says only for version ios 10.0 that has availability, but I see thousands of videos that show the game rando on ipads of same model as mine please can you tell me what I should do to make it play on my friend too ???

  4. Ipad air 1 gen please)

  5. hello friend a question do you think pubg mobile works well on an ipad air 1? in full 2019

  6. Woah woah woah how does that have so GOOD graphics!!!

  7. How did u downloaded it..it’s shows not compatible with device

  8. Does it has the gyroscope sensor?

  9. Game laggin or no plz iwant to buy this ipad

  10. iPhone 6s PUBG video up! Take a look!

  11. I have the iPad Air 1 I have PUBG Mobile on my iPad Air 1 I play it all on the time with my college friend and also my college friend has PUBG Mobile on her iPad Pro 9.7 inch

  12. Looks nice thoe FPS a little poor

  13. You should play it on smooth… It runs like butter then… Mine does at least.

  14. do you play pubg often, or its just a video to show people ? because if you do play often then why you playing like that ? its sound like its not much smoth, please customize your controls and play fast so we can see if that's run smothly and you can spot enemies and whatever, because alot people like me trying find cheap ipad for only and only that game nothing else, so why pay for high end ipad when we could play with this old ipad !

  15. Thank bro for video Review iPad Air 1 play PUBG

  16. I acvnvg b g f d d g n n h h g f d xx. C h no jjjbvv n no

  17. What is the high settings for ipad air 1 ???

  18. pubg wheel on ipad 4 (64 gb)

  19. Broooo any chance u can do gameplay n review on ipad mini5 ?

  20. When you play in the smooth graph the game is without lag ???

  21. Nice video I subbed to your channel. Can you sub to my channel

  22. i can't download pubg because my ipad's version is not compabtile

  23. what is your version of your ipad

  24. I hope you feel better

  25. Cool gameplay! I came from the reddit post and your videos are pretty good!

  26. You donated to Felix 1000 wow are you rich?

  27. Your are Hungarian…

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