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  2. Ipad or mediapad m 6 ?

  3. I having ipad mini so now i want ipad air 3 so

  4. Does call of duty mobile play well on this please? ?

  5. one day i also buy ipad air i also play pubg

  6. Does iPad Air 3 supports HDR+Extreme…?

  7. My note runs hdr and extreme lmaooooo this tablet from apple cant get a tab s6 people stay woke apple can never beat android

  8. اكو عراب هون ?

  9. I have this ipad but not able to play on max settings like u did…..coz yours is very smooth mine gets alot of frame drops

  10. I am planning to buy ipad air ,is it worthy ?

  11. I need this for my Honkai Impact 3 ?

  12. حلو استمر مبدع افضل قناة بالعالم

  13. Does it get heat up too much on ultra HD graphics??

  14. Does Pubg And Fortnite run at 60 FPS At epic and HDR setting for Fortnite pubg

  15. I like this pubg mobile control system??????????????????

  16. I've jus ordered? n I cnt wait to play?

  17. This is on smooth quality and extreme without enabling the anti aliasing?

  18. ipad pro 10.5 vs ipad Air 3.. Which one is best for gaming suggest me as early as possible… Thank u ??

  19. How much cost in us dollars ?

  20. Is the the $329 7th gen a good one to play pubg

  21. Don't only view pls also subscribe

  22. Pls guys subscribe and give a thumbs up to this vid pls

  23. Do a giveway of an iPad when you get to 14k subscribers pls

    I assist u bro in my own way bro pls

  24. New update pubg can HDR extrim?

  25. Link of the iPad u r using

  26. Link for that holder??

  27. His button layout ?

  28. Smooth on extreme is where it’s at

  29. Can you play modern combat versus on this ipad with same handcam

  30. Which is the best iPad 6 or iPad 3 Air please

  31. In my ipad pubg in not dowloded???

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