PUBG Mobile on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Gaming Test (Mirror Purple)

Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Test Game PUBG Mobile

►► Total Size: 1.84GB

► Android:

► IOS:

► Niten Channel:

► Malware Channel:…

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  2. Notice how carefully he holding it , it will close on you and flap about when gaming gets intense ill stick with my "old" phone for now

  3. Not good Like kaka

  4. Nice phone bro !! Want the same :p


  6. Testing game Cyber Hunter best grafic and Dragon Raja plssss

  7. Honestly sick of hearing this song on everyone YouTube video ?everybody does the same things I wanna hear and see something unique, I guess people really like this song

  8. Awesome video,Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  9. jisko jisko subscriber chaheye mughe subscribe kero 10sec me sub back milega yakin nahi hai to kar ke dekho

  10. Halo gaming mobile

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