In this talk I’ll introduce radio hacking, and take it a few levels into hacking real world devices like wirelessly controlled gates, garages, and cars. Many vehicles are now controlled from mobile devices over GSM and the web, while even more can be unlocked and ignitions started from wireless keyfobs over RF. All of these are subject to attack with low-cost tools (such as RTL-SDR, GNU Radio, HackRF, Arduino, and even a Mattel toy).

We’ll investigate how these features work, and of course,…

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  2. If you can do that much with a Mattell IM ME… I wonder what you could do with this?

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  4. FCC Indian Ocean? (.io)

  5. So when I hit my AC remote my neighers car starts…hehe?

  6. I think you are Iranian because you are very similar to us
    samy(سام) kamkar(کامکار) its an Iranian name

  7. Discussion on how to steal cars……….
    For those who do not want their car robbed………..put key fob in metal box when not in use………fool proof………no $$$ for this advice….

  8. Those Airplanes circling around are Spraying Heavy Metals and other things into the Sky . Lookup

  9. Very interesting. One thing I would suggest to improve the recordings is to repeat or summarise the questions before responding.

  10. I want to see a video covering Bluetooth exploitation using mobile devices

  11. garage door openers use rolling codes these days. the dip-switches are from a few decades ago. awesome info though! amazing 🙂

  12. Sure! Teach criminals how to steal our hard earned cars.

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  15. It's nice you don't have to contend with the russian woodpecker any more.

  16. Smash that like button for Nick Cage.

  17. A safe way to lock/unlock a car is, instead of using a rolling key, use RSA with timestamp encryption. The car would send a public key to the key fob, and the key fob would respond with an encrypted and salted hash containing the encrypted pass plus the command. That would by encrypted via a timestamp as well, as part of the public key. The private key would be used to decrypt the (command + pass) hash, but would never be sent via radio.

    Edit: Just saw the final of the video, and you suggest the same. Nice!

  18. My guess is that PSK (phase shift keying) is harder to decode. Your device would see a single, fixed frequency, continuous signal.

  19. A good system design requires segmentation and isolation that considers security. Unlocking doors and rolling down windows via wireless is concerning, but if these systems are on the CAN bus; theoretically, you could send commands to other control units. Compromising the engine control unit and transmission control unit presents a moderate risk; but as more vehicles adopt electric controlled power steering and brake by wire systems, that is a very serious risk if they are compromised. Remote assist parking suggests that this functionality is there.

    The RF controls that are talked about here still only send out a 4 bit command. Those commands are limited to performing very specific and very limited functions. There is no way for someone to interface with the more safety-critical systems via the CAN bus, or to have the same capacity that is available through the OBD2 connector – without making physical/electrical changes to the car. Is there a REALISTIC possibility that someone could exploit a vehicle's systems wirelessly and covertly control steering or braking? The media would have us believe that its already a possibility. I don't think its possible without making electrical changes and installing added equipment.

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