Razer Phone 2 Unboxing. The Razer Phone 2 is the latest flagship gaming smartphone from Razer. The original Razer phone packed some unique features and the second version is no different. Is it time to switch to a gaming phone?


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  1. Is this the best gaming smartphone?

  2. Razor phone 2:we are the best gaming phone ever

    S20 ultra:hold my beer

  3. Anyone watching in Feb 2020 where the new Samsung has a 120hz oled

  4. Wost thing I've ever bought yuck

  5. razer phone razer laptop headphones mouse wireless charger monitor as a second display you have the ultimate setup

  6. Can anyone tell me a link to buy one of these

  7. I bought this phone just a few days ago brand new, this phone is very very very bad, phone overheated a lot of time even when just charging it, a lot of software bugs I mean a lot, the 120Hz refresh rate on it it's a joke, the screen it's so dim, camera is bad, the only good thing was the speaker
    Stay away from this device
    I just sold it
    I have used many many many smartphones and this phone was the worse ever, too much software bugs and overheating

  8. Still using this beast.

  9. Mine is draining really fast. Like 20 % in half an hour or something like that. Anyone know how to fix? thanks

  10. You wanna send it to me? Much obliged

  11. Where can you get the Razer phone 2 from official retailer

  12. People: Mobile gaming isn't real gaming

    Gaming phones: Hold my beer.

  13. So I bought this phone. Using it right now. Speakers r amazing. Great battery life. They do have some problems. One of the main problem I find myself noticing is that if u game on this phone. The back gets hot. If u do get it I will highly recommend buying the case from razor which cool down the phone. Overall great phone

  14. The phones screen quality could be more colorful and vibrant. Absolutely terrible in comparison to my Galaxy s6. Especially for the 800 dollars it used to cost. No wonder they dropped them to 300…

  15. This how how Manny times he said baked in

  16. but can it run fortnite

  17. It feels odd that I'm watching this on the razer phone 2

  18. When your phone is more powerful than your $1000 laptop

  19. On a Razer phone 2 watching unbox therapy watch unbox therapy on a Razer phone 2

  20. Best information youtube channel..

  21. should i get this,galaxy note 8,galaxy a70 or,galaxy s9?

  22. Need recommendation should i go with razer phone 2 ..its 399$ now ..i'm kinda interested on it…or should i go with iphone 11 ..do reply anyone thank u !!

  23. An update on the price of the phone, they cut it down by half already. Even on the website and on other sites, it's sold for just below 400 dollars for the phone and the standard accessories that come with it. A bit above 400 if you want to opt in for the phone case and the ultra thin screen protectors.

  24. Razer gotta stop before I cream

  25. Where can i find a battery replacement for some good ol diy?

  26. Axon 7 speakers are still better.

  27. Everyone else wants this because of the display, speakers or because of the interface and I’m just here wanting a phone with rgb

  28. Is this device have dual sim option

  29. what phones are these mobile gamers using? razer phone 2?

  30. Just bought one and it's amazing!!!!!! I just got 3 solo wins in pubg mobile!!! >:D you guys should buy it!!!!

  31. its $300 right now on sale so its definitely worth it

  32. Looking at the wrong camera

  33. Worst smartphone. Only use for 5month and USB C port having problem. Also speaker got quiet slow. Low quality phone. I'm frustrated use this phone. Never buy again from Razer .

    All of u can search at google. Many feedback from user having problems on USB Type C port and Speaker. Please don't buy Razer Phone 2.

  34. I'm sure in 2019 it will be outdated because of the bezels

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