Razer Phone is official, and it’s $699. Everything you need to know!

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee


Phone provided by Razer for video.

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  1. @Marques, well reviewed and kudos to you.

    Its a mobile with a good config built only for the gaming however the form factor is more or less same as the Sony Xperia series of mobiles, Not better than Xperia when compared to Razr

  2. Mr MARQ,. You are a negative energy ?

  3. 60Hz AMOLED vs 90Hz IPS?

  4. Fortnite on this is really smooth

  5. This entire comment section is garbage

  6. Good video , detail , i like it iam Indonesian

  7. Your hands are fucking unsettling

  8. I have iPad Pro 10.5 in
    It’s 120hz as well and has pro motion

  9. But why play graphically intensive games on a mobile phone ? if you like graphics play on pc or console

  10. What jet ski game is that?

  11. Damn man, on your face was my shoes black cream, and i searched for it everywhere :

  12. This laptop has more ram and better specs then my laptop

  13. Got it, and can tell you it's shit, 120hz makes no difference and wanna know why? Because they used gorilla glass 3! From 2013…the surface is horrible…feels like trying to glide your finger over a cheap old window…not smooth at all. Can't speak for the razer 2 hope the glass has been upgraded on that.

  14. I think I am happy with my S10 Plus.

  15. Godly machine for geometry dash!

  16. I'm watching this on the razer phone ??

  17. STOP! You are watching in 2019 ?

  18. Can you please compare the 120Hz of this phone Vs the Oneplus 7 Pro 90Hz ?

  19. Bro can you play fortnite on this phone

  20. How to beat bloodbath on your phone

  21. Builds a 120hz Gaming Phone.

    Doesn't put in any Headphone Jacks

    just so you know i cant game without headphoens on, its just a big no no for me.

  22. Razer phone has 120hz , ROG phone have it also. But Sharp Aquos SH04H is the first :v

  23. I need to get this lol i just need money??

  24. Yea, I see what you did there?

  25. your channel is cool and awesome

  26. 0:50 Spoke too soon my man, a whole 11 months too soon.

  27. Is this phone UHD/8K-compadible?

  28. Happy 7 million subscribers

  29. Подари его

  30. Razer smartphone on clearance grab it while you can $499 I just bought two of them badass phone no regrets camera and audio is the shit

  31. Are Apple AirPods compatible with this?

  32. whats the name of the game he is playing in this video? at 3:47?

  33. Apple just released 120Hz OLED display.

  34. Are there any people who play games on phones

  35. Have you changed your mind at all about the camera with the new updates? The razer is on sale today for 400! Please please please let me know!

  36. Lol…Razer had it THX certified. It can have the shittiest sound ever and would still attain the certification.

    Why?? 3 to 5 years ago Razer bought THX. So Razer certified themself. To be fair Razer does deliver on performance in quality so I do not mind paying more as I trust their brand still. Though they are quickly becoming so valuable that eventually greed will take over and I won't be able to trust them as they will be chasing profit margins.


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