Today we are checking out a FAKE Mi Band 4, and comparing it to the real Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to see just how bad this Fake Mi Band 4 is!

FAKE Mi Band 4 (Aliexpress) –

REAL Mi Band 4 (Aliexpress) –
REAL Mi Band 4 (Amazon) –

A few weeks ago, I bought this fake mi band 4 on aliexpress, and today we are comparing it to the real mi band 4, and checking out what it gets right (not much), and…

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  1. Thanks for watching! If your interested in a full review of the Mi Band 4, you can check mine out here – – thanks!

  2. Sir
    I had tried in May ways to switch on my m4band
    Today I buyed it in online
    Can u please help me

  3. What app did you used?

  4. That IPC LCD is so UGLY, FAKE AF.

  5. You scaring the shit outta me, i just bought one, and idk it was a fake version, but i have a original one so its ok

  6. shame.. only buy, to have a lough.. thats why we are stagnating and not moving forward

  7. I have a question i bought one of the M4 Smart Bracelet for 4€ at Aliexpres, I have connected and all the stuff and reg. me in the app. But the step tracker are so damn worst I dont have a clue how it is try to count them. I walked after charging with it in my room, and kitchen make dinner and so and looked an the display and there stands 251 steps. After 3 times in and out the kitchen that was counting by me self 45 steps the display says then 951. Shortly after that only a bit moving in my living room stands there 1951 steps. So have anyone the same problem or only I have again the monday workers product get^^.

  8. The first giveaway to me was the fact that it came in a plastic bag. LOL

  9. so much talking. not directly to the point.

  10. I too am still using the small pixel 2…

  11. Comprei un paraguay que nao serve nem pra ver a hora…
    Prq nao da pra mudar a hora, ta 12hra e é 15hrs

  12. I think it is m4 not mi band4

  13. The movie would be SOO MUCH better if you weren't waving your hands like an epileptic or cut the movie every 4 seconds so anyone could see closely how they look.

  14. How can you change the time on that fake band?

  15. Can someone explain to me is OEM is bad or not , i googled it but my small brain cant do shit xD

  16. bored. complicated explain..

  17. The mi band 4 IS the FAKE

  18. It is not a fake MI Band 4, but a copy! So please stop say that it is a fake MI Band 4!

  19. U don't even know how to use that copy one, whats the point of this video change your video tittle

  20. Thanks for you 're guidness

  21. Now with coupons, the real one is cheaper than 20$, so yeah.

  22. Just subed, good work

  23. Fake band is not mi band 4 . See 1:09

  24. Mi hermano me trajo de regalo la mi band 4… Resultó ser una réplica, no saben la frustración que siento

  25. ?? Everyone know it's not mi band

  26. This fake one looks better than the other one I saw… Interesting..

  27. Some of the fake ones use a box similar to the real one…

  28. I enjoyed this video but it was kinda hard to watch when the audio was so sharp the whole time as your microphone was peaking.

  29. Cani chang the home wallpaper?

  30. It's not fake it's m4 band

  31. mi band 4 tips and tricks and 3rd party useful apps for mi band 4 video

  32. Can you swim with the fake one ?

  33. Thing is, you can actually get the fake one for 5$(USD), shipping to US included. IDK how they did it and for 5$ I still wont recommend buying one (please support the real deal!), in a way it is impressive.

  34. Can you do a video about this? USB Charging Cable Disassembly-free Cable Charger Adapter for Xiaomi Mi Band 4 I found it on amazon. Thanks

  35. I'm posting this comment to ask about the I12 TWS airpods from Amazon, the charging case battery is stuck at 66% – I’ve left it to charge for a couple of hours but it’s still at 66% – Know a fix?

  36. another great video

  37. the fake mi band 4 actually dosnt look too bad hahaha

  38. Wow a lot of people need to be aware of this. Great video

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