Lets Durability test the Red Magic 3!! Install Raid for Free IOS: ANDROID: Start with 50K silver and join the Special Launch Tournament for a chance to win prizes. Thanks to Raid Shadow Legends for sponsoring this video! The Nubia Red Magic 3 is probably has the highest specs for the least amount of money this year. 90hz display, Huge 5,000mah battery, internal cooling fan, side gaming triggers. All for less than 500 dollars. Its amazing everything…

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  1. Bro please don't scratch the phone
    It hurts

  2. Our fingers are not made of blades

  3. U really made me rage and u wasted a brand new phone that someone could have used

  4. At first i thought he was drawing a dick

  5. Do one drop test sir

    Or if it fall from 6 feet then is its screen survive

  6. It f*ckin hurt when going with the durability test

  7. I thought the screen protector was the screen

  8. Do the huawei p smart 2019

  9. That screen protector scared me so bad


  11. Holly Molly melly fuck

    A fan on a phone!?!???;??

  12. Im kinda using an old Samsung Galaxy s4 but it wont charge anymore
    i need to remove the phone
    battery and charge the battery with an Universal charger
    But its old and it gets easily drain
    Hope u kinda gift a phone
    Im watching your vids using this Phone

  13. Bhai de he de muje please

  14. Oh you dickhead. Gave me a heart attack with that troll. Hahaha

  15. Test a Blackview phone please!

  16. Raid ads: Today I will be duribility testing youtube and your Brian’s
    Me: …. scratches at a demonitization deeper groves at a coppa law suit

  17. I almost crowd watching this ?

  18. All legends have a name starting with the letter "J"

  19. Always missing up phones why?

  20. Phone: has headphone jack
    Apple: wait thats illegal

  21. Sell For Me Jerry..Hahaha

  22. Every paid promo gets auto skipped

  23. I thought you were gonna scratch on a penis for a moment.

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