The Apple watch is wildly popular and I’ve often wondered, on its own, just how much could it get done? And what would the experience be like using it solo. So I did a little experiment…could I go the entire day without my iPhone and just use my Apple Watch Series 4? Here’s how the day went.

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  1. Actually, you can start a new thread in messages if you 3D Touch in the messages app on the watch 🙂

    Edit: I have an apple watch series 4 & the storage capacity of the watch is 12.6gb.

  2. What would happen if you used just a GPS Apple Watch to get through a day? Would it be the same experience?

  3. 2:55 an actual computer! You still have one of those? How prehistoric…jk

  4. I'm not really a big fan of the raspberry, I prefer mine in the list form, it's easier with the apps 🙂

  5. standalone apple watch cannot send real sms but only imessage when the phone is turned off.its a shame. i have series 3 cellular

  6. If you leave the phone on but not in Bluetooth rang it will still get notifications from apps on your phone

  7. Does your phone have to be turned on to send/receive texts or make calls?

  8. If you could pair an Apple watch with an android phone, I would buy this in a heart beat.

  9. if ur in the messages app on the main message screen, you can use 3d touch to compose a new message

  10. I love apple everything works together

  11. 3:16 Actually, there are 3rd party apps for that. They work very well
    Twitter- Chirp/Jay
    Instagram- Lens
    Whatsapp – WatchChat
    Facebook – Wristbook
    Reddit – Nano

  12. So can the police do ya for using your watch

  13. 5:34 Does it sound like I’m on the phone?

    [talks on the phone on his watch]

  14. How to use twitter on Apple Watch
    Paste your twitter homepage link in notes
    Open link in notes
    Open browser twitter

  15. Really love this video really helps a little late but still cool keep up your work uac

  16. No way that is incredible

  17. red bulls, starbucks, tesla, apple….yeah nothing average about that. Thats full blooded princess style….

  18. So u dont need to connect it on phone in first place

  19. Fam you have a Tesla u can use the maps on that :/

  20. 3:42 You can send the URL or web address for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. as an iMessage or SMS to your own phone number or Apple ID, click the link, then it will open a web browser in the iMessage app to view contents on your social media web page after you log in.

    (Remember to save your log in password as the Apple Watch doesn’t use security features such as Touch ID or face ID).

  21. Did it yesterday actually
    Wasn’t that hard, was able to use my headphones to listen to the playlist (which I downloaded onto my S4) and answer calls

  22. They have a Twitter on the Apple Watch, it’s called Chirp.

  23. He's also missing the ability to take photos without taking an iPad around or something

  24. Hey! I have Instagram and Twitter on my Apple Watch!

  25. Do you remember When there was instagram on Apple Watch? ?

  26. Does anyone know what series that is

  27. Hi can force touch in the messages app to start a new thread

  28. Can’t you just tell Siri to text whoever you want to text instead of trying to start a new thread manually

  29. Honestly all you need is the Apple Watch iPhone iPad and MacBook and your set

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