Retro gaming heaven is in Mexico City. My favourite place downtown, Friki Plaza. It has pretty much most consoles and games you could want. Also, there is an amazing Game zone at the top where you can pay to do retro gaming per hour on a wide range of consoles such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo game cube, Nintendo 64 and many more.

Frikiplaza also sells mobiles, phone accessories including screen covers, cases, headphones etc. I got a screen protector while I was there.. just for fun…

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  1. What is your favourite retro console and game?

  2. There is still a lot of retro games in Mexico beacause people in Mexico would play games to chill from the crisis going on in Mexico in 1980-1990

  3. "Mckleo" the best smash bros player in Mexico grown up there!

  4. Excellent place, i buy all my retro games there but people must know where is safe to buy and where not … I bought The Godfather for ps3 !!! Love it, I could not find it anywhere else … The bad side is: The guy who sold it to me, told me the game was new, it came with the plastic cover and everything but the disc looks like a bad done grafitti with so many lines on it … Fortunely The game works good…

    New suscriber… Saludos!!! ??

  5. "… this place just keeps giving and giving." that was pretty much what I was thinking when you said it. Blimey, the gaming area is really impressive. Having said that, I knew very impressive gaming areas, back in the day, when I was growing up, but I'm sure there were no flat screens or Mortal Kombat XL… 🙂 Great video mate!

  6. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi Marlon! I really enjoyed your vlog! Great work! Greetings from Ro & Nallely :3

  8. TTT Mexico next year.

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