Our review of the new Fitbit 1.0 app for Windows Phone 8.1 with Bluetooth syncing to Fitibt trackers. More information found at WPCentral: Subscribe to our Youtube channel:

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  1. When do we get the caller ID functionality??

  2. can i use a fitbit device with my l925 wp8.1 GDR1 Preview with cyan ?

  3. after the cyan update will this work with my UK 1020?

  4. Windows phone store is getting and getting more apps

  5. Did anyone notice a bright/white spot on the screen? at the upper middle of the screen (beside 'Force', 3:33 )

  6. Now available 🙂 (just need Cyan in Aus)

  7. Can't get it in the Australian Store 🙁

  8. I wish Polar would release their apps for WP.

  9. Need conect ever time ?

  10. do I need to have a wearable fitness tracking device in order for the app to work?

  11. So the ones with the preview 8.1 don't have Bluetooth 8.1?

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