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Don’t wait outside the Apple Store for an iPhone 7, and Tim Cook still thinks the AirPods are magical.

iPhone 7, reviewed:
iPhone 7 Plus: our photo field test:
Apple Watch Series 2:
Apple AirPod:
iPhone 7 and AirPods: what’s in the box:
iOS 10: What’s new in Messages:

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  1. Wait he uses his apple watch now? I thought he said he doesn't like wearing it

  2. I want black AirPods too!!!

  3. why does apple always act like everything they make is so revolutionary. Wireless headphones and wireless charging has been around for a while now.

  4. Everytime when I look at this guy I feel like punching him in the face

  5. Where can I watch the complete interview with Tim Cook ?

  6. Sound effects are way to loud. Turn them down please.

  7. watching this on my iPhone 7 jet back 😉

  8. Thanks for the home button tip. Pressing It was driving me nuts!

  9. So no twitter video for roku?

  10. Now that the iPhone 7 is out, I can start speculating about the iPhone 8.
    Rumour has it that the display of the next iPhone will have Touch ID embedded on the display and that there will be no Home button. Evidence that I think proves this will happen is Raise to Wake – so that we don't have to press the lock button, but more solid evidence for the latter omission is the 3D Touch capability of the Assistive Touch icon. On an iPhone 6s or 7, pressing on the Assistive Touch icon can serve as pressing the home button. This led me to think that it will serve as the home button replacement for next year. The action taken for pressing the Assistive Touch icon can be customised (same as the actions in the Assistive Touch menu itself.)

  11. Woohoo! The sushi sticker pack at 2:16 is mine 😀 Sushimoji

  12. Never mind I saw the blind folded unboxiing

  13. So how long was the wait in line and witch color did you get.

  14. Awww thank for the tip. I hated having to keep pressing the home button to open my iPhone.

  15. The guy on the right put the rabbit in the hat, it's not magic.

  16. It's always next year with Apple. The iPhone 7 is what the 6 should have and could of been..

  17. How awkward was that to film?

  18. Why do you have an Android fan-girl hosting the Apple Byte?

  19. the rabbit was in his pocket

  20. That doesn't fix the problem! I still gotta crawl down to the home-button, especially on a big screen and that's a big hassle. What's wrong with swiping, it's muscle memory, plus, the widgets aren't important enough to have three different ways of getting to them. At least give me options!

  21. best camera on a mobile device – Yet still loses in image quality especially in low light to both the G5 and S7, also loses on auto focus speeds to the S7. Not bias at all then…

  22. Guys did you see something at 5:11 I guess he did something with he's left hand look carefully

  23. This guy is so unfunny.

  24. wanna see magic? paused the vid at 5:10, that midget is gonna hide his left hand and grab something from his pocket and hide it with the hat itself.. wow magic

  25. iPhone 7 is clearly a joke..

  26. I'll wait until they put back the headphone jack.

  27. Jesus Christ. Apple completely ran out of ideas. Sad.

  28. I'm 100% sure everyone who buys the iphone7 will go back up to to 6 e.t.c

  29. Yes. Come up with something for us the international viewers to participate and win some prize

  30. I saw the magic trick ?

  31. die bryan tong

  32. 2:59 the woman in the side ad looks like Lexy!! ?

  33. Thank you for sharing the home button tip! It was seriously annoying!

  34. Those airpods in black would have been perfect!

  35. And Were The Hell is The New MAC PRO MAAAAAAAN

  36. Yes they Need to Make Them in Black

  37. Thank you for helping me figure out the home button thing that was so annoying!


    iPhone 7 n 7 plus reiko casing available. Five different colours to choose. Free shipping within US.

  39. Attention Apple shoppers none of these reviewers are able to see the truth about the iPhone 7! Watch my video and see the truth!

  40. I live in Cupertino and I have already seen Apple employees on the street wearing the air pods. From the side it doesn't look bad but the from the front it looks kinda stupid.

  41. He hit Teller in the face with the wand

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