The AMD Ryzen 3000 series will be broken into two very different architectures: one for the desktop (Zen 2) and another for notebooks and Chromebooks (Zen+). Let’s go over some of the differences with the AMD mobile / notebook processors first before getting into the upcoming desktop series sometime in the near future.

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Blade 15 RTX 2060:
Blade 15 RTX 2070: …

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  1. I was really wondering if the Ryzen 7-3700U is good enough for 1080p editing on premiere or after effects as well as photoshop. Because it's actually so much cheaper than say laptops with i7 processors

  2. I got a Lenovo IdeaPad S145 14 inch with Ryzen 5 3500U. This laptop looks snappy, faster and great for everyday use with some light gaming especially this model has both 128GB NVMO SSD for Windows 10 and its apps and 1 TB hard drive for other stuff and some games from Steam. Also, I found this as a cheaper alternative to their same model with Core i5. I used to hate AMD especially to their laptops because of overheating issues and slow performance but now I trust them more than Intel's recent processors.

  3. Picked up a Nitro with the 3500H 30$ cheaper than the Intel counter part. Added an extra dim of Ram and an SSD it flies now.

  4. Does Ryzen 5 3550H works well for programming and app/web development?

  5. Amd is using 12nm to these chips. 7nm mobile Ryzen comes when Intel is back in the game

  6. Got my GF a Ryzen 3200U laptop (Asus VivoBook), it's a low spec $365 laptop and she swears it is much better than her desktop from 3 years ago. She doesn't game much (very rare) mostly browse the website and listen to music while researching and doing her studies. It's cheap and fast for her needs, she has no complained about the speed or multi-tab browsing. It's just good enough for her and keeps her happy.

  7. I just bought a laptop with this series of processor, I'm excited to see how it does once it gets delivered.

  8. Ryzen 5 3500U good or bad please

  9. Can 3200u stream with a hd60s PS4 to Facebook 720p 30fps ???

  10. Got the acer aspire 5 with the 3200u off amazon for $260 on black friday. Was a little slow out of the box but once updating to the latest windows build, getting the proper drivers, and popping in another stick of ram.. it is blazing fast and more than enough for me and i'm sure most others out there as well.

  11. I am unbale to find the dirver of ryzon 5 radeon vega 8 graphichs driver ki dly suggest

  12. Just bought a Lenovo IdeaPad S145 on sale for $399CAD. AMD Ryzen 3200 with Vega graphics. 1920 x 1080 Resolution, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM. all other laptops in this price range had lower res, older 5400rpm hard drives and only 4GB ram. Had to jump on the opportunity for the price and so far the laptop is a beauty. I'm coming from a 2008 MacBook. lol

  13. I just ordered a lenovo flex 14 with the 3700U. Keeping myself on a low budget it will be fore music editing only. As long as it works well enough for recording my own music at home I'm good for now

  14. I'm looking for a better workstation/ laptop which would offer better performance while working on Android studio like exes. Currently I'm on i3 7th Gen
    Which ryzen would be better option, ryzen 3 or ryzen 5

  15. ryzen 7 3700u , novabench graphics score 24fps , vega 10 graphics omg what rubbish , do not buy the u processors as they are not zen 2nd gen !

  16. im debating 3700u vs 3500u? I am an old Haswell user (notebook) wanting a pc for photoshop/image editing notebook

  17. I wish I could buy a 16 core laptop with 3.5-4 clock Ghz but I guess I will have to wait still a bit more.

  18. Intel already has a mess with its processors line, already cancelled the new processors this channel claimed would put AMD in troubles.

  19. What about the Lenovo Flex with 3700u?
    Does the processor feels like it is par with 8thGen Core i7 ?

  20. When are 7nm AMD mobile gpus coming?

  21. I have all AMD laptop and it is great

  22. Is now a good time to buy 3700u/3500u or is there something better around the corner?

  23. Please tell someone, does Kali Linux support in ryzen 3 3200u processor.

  24. Hey plz review asus tuf fx505dv ( ryzen 3750H RTX 2060 with 16 GB RAM 120hz display ) Variant.

  25. Can't hardly find a Ryzen powered laptop on a store shelf in my area.

  26. Can a ryzen 5 3500U handle editing and bit of gaming?

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