In this video, i compare the Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch vs The Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Smartwatch.

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  1. Will I need a different phone number to make the watch make calls or texting if anyone knows

  2. Nice vids, just clean the watch's next time they dirty as hell.

  3. Thanks dude for the review. I would recommend you to take care when you are recording. We saw your phone on the screen of the watch more than the actual content of the watch

  4. Fossil 5 is superb. Iv owened the watch active 2 and its great as well but I prefer the fossil. It’s just more exciting. It’s super powerful as well. I’d say more so than the active 2 .iv just tried the ticwatch pro 4g and it’s no where near as good as either the fossil or active 2. But you won’t go wrong with either. It’s apples and oranges imo. I do love the crown on the fossil more so than the digital scrolling one on the active. But I prefer the one on the galaxy watch even more. Like I said they’re both awesome and real Apple Watch alternative.

  5. 8gb of ram wtf?u mean 1 gb of ram?

  6. I own both devices and there is no compasion. The Galaxy Watch is better in every thing you would like to do. Poor experience with WearOS.

  7. What a shock, Google isn't supporting Wear OS adequately. Google is notorious for not supporting their products adequately or just dropping them period after a fairly short amount of time if the product is not an immediate hit. This is exactly why I refuse to buy Google products ( if at all possible), especially Stadia. Stadia is pretty much DOA because most people are wise to how Google operates.

  8. I've got the Active01 and display of that watch is beautiful with everything pin sharp. Active 2 is only gonna get better if not the same. What do you actually think about Gen5? How does it compare to Samsung?

  9. Hello, i have one question. I can read pdf files with this smartwatches;;;;

  10. I am buying this from the USA, which one should I buy Samsung active costing me $245 and Fossil Gen 5 costing me $215, please suggest asap as I am flying back to Indian on 31st.

  11. what is the tempressure like?

  12. Very helpful. I watched lot of other video, but seriously I found this more helpful. The moment I saw this video, I subscribed your channel. Keep posting video like this. Thank you.

  13. You should prepare more before making videos bro

  14. So I'm confused about Nest on the Fossil gen 5. I bought the Samsung galaxy watch but I'm disappointed that I can't control my Nest products like thermostats and security system. So does the gen 5 have that capability? Thanks.

  15. This is so helpful Thank you!

  16. Please be aware on this.

    1) battery life :: enabled Bluetooth ONLY ( no watch GPS) and running apps (Google fit) only last for 5 hours.

    2. Standalone GPS :: No GPS signal for watch ONLY. ( After disable phone Bluetooth ). ( Watch connectivity ->GPS is enabled ).

    3. After sales service :: I raise the issue to a few channel ( Facebook fossil, Twitter fossil, international fossil support and Malaysia fossil ). After a month still no get and help from them. Their support(Facebook and Twitter ) only replied once. While customer service is just keep pushing to another guy ( say another team to handle, he.she should raise my ticket directly to another team, and not asks me write in separate email to look for help)

  17. After using WearOS for years, I made the leap over to Galaxy Watch last year. I am still using the Galaxy Watch for many reasons…battery life is incredible…I get 3-4 days on the 46mm version. Health and sleep tracking are much better…and it is a smoother experience. That said, I miss WearOS because it truly felt more like an "Android/Google" watch and I would occasionally use Google Assistant on the watch. The Galaxy Watch is excellent and I encourage discouraged WearOS fans to not be quick to judge it and give it a try if you want the battery life. I am excited to see where WearOS goes with the Fitbit purchase.

  18. switch wifi off..use bluetooth to phone… aka uses phone connection to network.. . and tilt to show…. battery lasts loads longer

  19. 8gb ram? nope 8gb of storage …. not ram to make the phone snappier.. 1gb ram does that,

  20. I have faith in WearOS…

  21. Owned Samsung watches (gear s2, s3), Garmin watches (fenix 5s, fenix 3, vivoactive 3 non music one) and a few Wear OS ones back in the day (Motorolas, and a few other good branded ones). It was the one day battery life that made me go to garmin but I missed the smartwatch features over the health fitness tracker centric garmin watchs. Switched to samsung. Came to see what Wear OS is up to as I'm looking to upgrade. Thanks for the important information. Fantastic video. While I feel the fossil is prettier I like the active 2 overall best. Also it is a nice watch too.

  22. How is the vibration motor on each one? The vibration on my original Pebble could wake me up from a nap.

  23. Is in fossil we can able to search on google ? Can we see google photos, can we see you tube vedios? Can we reply for an message from what's app?
    Anyone please clear by dout?

  24. Just been looking at the lemfo lem t and its massive and beats both of these for almost half the price.

    It's full android and as far as memory and apps beats the lot.

    It also takes sim cars so can make and receive phone calls.

    It's more a smart phone on your wrist and the beauty is can install ordinary apps from the play store.

    Beats every smart watch out there I think if you can get past the size.

    There are times it will be better wearing this and leaving your phone at home.

    With normal to heavy use get 2 full days and 2800 mHa battery inside.

    At $199 usa it's a bargin 3gb of rom and 32gb or user ram.

  25. Just a quick correction I think you said 8gn of ram in the video it's 1gb of ram and 8gb of storage in the fossil gen 5

  26. Hey thanks for the review, I just got my gen 5 yesterday and I am really statisfied with the watch performance and looks, I have only one concern which is, I do not have google pay app loaded and also it is not available on play store as well, do you know how do I install google pay app…???

  27. Bro which watch comes with finger print scanner for security lock

  28. Seems more inclined towards Samsung

  29. I have the Fossil Sport & find the watch to be sluggish & battery life is poor. I still use it & my Gear S3, but I find if I'm going away for a weekend I'm taking the S3. I also think you don't need a lot of apps, but just the right ones for a watch. With my Fossil the app I use most is Shazam so when I'm driving & hear a song on the radio I just press the top button on my watch which is mapped to it & it will tell me what the track is. Very handy. There is no Samsung equivalent in their store. On the flip side I can download Spotify playlist to the S3 & have a Sonos app to control my Sonos speaker around the house. Things I can't do with the Fossil. If only Google had more apps on the Samsung platform, then that would be the watch to get. At the moment I looking at the Active 2 as Google seem to have given up on Wear OS after there big show the other week

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