Windows on Snapdragon has never looked so good.

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  1. Imagine her dropping laptop while she was displaying it

  2. i love the smaller SAMSUNG logo on front. much better proportion than previous notebooks

  3. Is there any pen in the laptop??

  4. Just disappointing there isn't a single USB-A port

  5. Not better than other brands

  6. I almost had a heart attack when she tossed the laptop in the air like that…

  7. What's the price

  8. So what happens with the devices used for this event, that were displayed after the event, do they sell them someday or do these just land in trash after some time?

  9. Does it have fingerprint sensor?

  10. Anyone know if this will run 3rd party applications and perform normally like an intel or AMD based laptop? Or will it just be like an expanded cellphone?

  11. OMG… irresponsible way to handle something you do not own. I wish I could give her a billion thumbs down. ????????

  12. full hd is disappointing ?? in which world do you live to need higher than FHD ?? it requires unneeded higher processing power and higher price tag to have a wqhd or 4k on a laptop

  13. I want to buy this laptop in Amazon. It is a fake news?

  14. Sure, sure. Throw the laptop. More importantly, Windows sucks. How is the Linux support?

  15. i hate this girl

  16. This is an amateur tech channel lol

  17. I dont understand the fascination with thin laptops

  18. I don't think that I want to see this girl reviewing things in the future.

  19. great laptop ……..

  20. Asus laptop is BETTERRR

  21. Будет ли работать s-pen?

  22. I want a laptop not sure which one I want though
    Surface book pro 6
    Galaxy book S
    I hate deciding ?

  23. well Samsung made deX so they should've put that on it instead of windows

  24. Can u play minecraft on this?

  25. When she started bouncing it on her hand. My anxiety went through the roof.

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