Samsung Galaxy S20 price have been rumored and the phones are not going to be affordable. Samsung will launch the Samsung Galaxy S20 Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra on February 11th.

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  1. Is too expensive for me

  2. Those prices will crash smartphone market. It will become major decline next five years.

  3. yea with insane specs

  4. In Brazil, will cost 3000 dollars ??? (13.000 reais)

  5. Samsung is a new wannabe apple.

  6. I am the probably the only one who think Samsung is getting overconfidence

  7. No need to worry. Give it 3 months after release and it will go down by 300 to 500 bucks

  8. Apple: releases $1099 phone

    Samsung: furiously taking notes

  9. Samsung I hope your reading this because I want you to know that you're insane to raise phone prices this high.

  10. 1300 for the ultra isnt overprice compared to the other brands..

  11. S20 ultra i am coming for you.
    (No pun intended)

  12. I say it again! Samsung has NOT revealed anything about the Galaxy S20-series. Only the date, and the name. And you based all your knowledge to Max Weinbach's information. Nobody knows something about the Galaxy S20-series. Samsung said, that they want to surprise people with the new S20-series, and i'm sure, that it is not with that photoshop about the phone. This photoshop is based on the galaxy S10 lite, Note 10 lite and the A-series, because these phones have a similar look to this photoshop about the Galaxy S20 phone.

  13. These prices are justified to the fact that these phones are equipped with the latest superior technology of 2019.
    The most ironic pricing is the iPhone, so I'm not disturbed by the price hike of Samsung flagships.

    If the Galaxy Note 10+ here in Philippines priced at ₱60,000 ($1,050).
    Then the Galaxy S20+ Ultra would be at ₱72,000 ($1,400)

    I think it's fair for Samsung to all their efforts in producing such useful and best devices for consumers.

  14. I'll wait 2 years to get it for free pr $100 each since got 5 phones buz plan in Canada and need another year till contract up.

  15. wtf is it with 1 min ads at the start of the video??????

  16. You've must have known it wasn't going to be cheap.

  17. I think 2k usd is expensive but 1k should be predicted and anything less would be a huge ripoff for Samsung

  18. If that's true then they are not that bad compare to what you are getting

  19. You would easily be looking at 100 minimum a month contract, ridiculous
    Give it a couple of months you will have competitors with the same specs for half the price

  20. Still cheaper than iPhone

  21. ok, but what is this yara currency?

  22. S10 5g is still 1300$ man

  23. That's not high that's the going rate

  24. If it is comes with 100x zoom camera then it deserve it, I'm actually note series fan

  25. Just wait 1 month and you will have to pay a lot less ??

  26. I'd choose P40 rather than this piece of s**t

  27. They seem to be ideal

  28. I wonder what the price of iPhone 12 would be !

  29. If s20 is to replace s10e these prices do not make any sense. The ultra price is just bonkers. What type weed are Samsung smoking?

    They massively failed with S10 last year due to crazy pricing and they do it worse now…..well they will end up 3rd place this year.

    I will buy a Sony ……

  30. Theese prices r normal for new model phones, I dont get it why is such a commotion out there

  31. The 5g is the same as the xs max from iPhone
    So not expensive 🙂

  32. The 4G variant will most likely to come with the Exynos SoC I guess…. ?

  33. Well, Samsung device is going to depreciates faster in terms of their price anyway… Not really value for money especially when company kept releasing new device every year.


  35. does it make you fly? or what

  36. Who cares? Who are those stupid people who will buy expensive phones if theres alot of cheap but good phones? I cant see any big difference with this phones?

  37. Regular models are always similar prices. It was always like this I dont know why to be suprised. Have a patience about 2 months after and it will be cheaper like always

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