Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra is a lot of phone. Even in the era of large smartphones this feels like a massive device, but at least Samsung makes good use of the space, packing it with a 5G modem, Snapdragon 865 processor, 120hz OLED screen, a giant 5,000mAh battery, and a trio of cameras. Those cameras are really the device’s flagship feature, boasting one sensor with 108MP of resolution, the ability to zoom up to 100x, and 8K video capture. Unfortunately, the camera’s features are more…

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  1. You are anti FB but Insta addict? Haha wtf

  2. I like that she was negative about it. I'm still getting the phone, but I'd rather she be honestly critical than bubbly and happy about every single feature.

  3. Just delete this review.

  4. Damn…is there anything she liked about the phone?

  5. This phone is badass!

  6. Wtf,???….. don't u ever do a review again please, lmfao. Talking about we don't need a big battery.

  7. I think this phone is perfection. I can’t wait for the Note 20!!

  8. Ill pay for the all the phone specs minus the camera,

  9. I'm just glad she's okay. I was waiting for the ambulance to be called because the OMG unbelievably massive weight of the phone dislocated her shoulder or toppled her over into traffic. She's so lucky to have survived this review. Poor thing.

  10. Fortnite 120hz sure seems improved from 60hz… lmao

    I guess if it has shooting then it has to be fortnite ?‍♂️ Shooting as a genre just didn't exist before fortnite right, lol

  11. I am un-subscribing this channel just because her review is so bad and biased

  12. Phone sucks lol iphone or Google camera still win

  13. Clearly a pixel user and samsung hater. No thanks. I've watched dozens of reviews on the ultra and while its bit perfect most agree that the cameras are amazing upgrades. So not believing this review.

  14. Just wanted to come here and leave a comment. Please change the reviewer!!!

  15. If you feel uncomfortable and creepy zooming in to random ppls windows. Then maybe don't zoom in to random ppls windows, geez.

  16. $1,399 for bleeding edge tech is bitched about yet wait a year when it’s outta date, slap an apple on it, raise the price another $100 and the crowd goes WILD! ???

  17. Eu quero um samsung Galaxy s20 Ultra ?????. Não quero nem ver o preço dele quando chegar aqui no Brasil.

  18. I'm waiting for Sony 1 mark 2

  19. Bad review,bad background music like an 04 generic rap track.

  20. some Youtubers still have honor in their bodies and do not sell for the products. I will include your critical opinion in my purchase decision and thank you for the test.

  21. Why don’t. You do something to help me

  22. Just go to MKBHD's review of this phone. This girl picked the wrong profession.

  23. Boring, bad, and bullshit…that's not a phone

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